Comments About Jodilee Duke

Leonard Lee 24 Jun 2005 01:11
Jodi, simplicity is the highest form of complexity..and think you show this very very well...
Michael Tonkin 31 Jan 2005 05:39
Jodilee, You write such nice comments about my poetry, I really do appreciate them. I like simple poetry, I like.......................well I like much of your poetry. Your words encourage me, thank you.
Furqan Ullah 06 Nov 2004 03:31
Jodi...! ! ! great poems..! ! ! you have such a different kind tone and style about poems..! ! ! like words coming out of mind and soul in such a flow that touches the heart and delicately..! ! ! i love it..! ! ! Furqan.
knot Available 06 Nov 2004 01:24
Hi JD - I'm sorry I stopped commenting...lapse of sanity. :) Although I will not comment on each one I just wanted to tell you that I read all of them and continue to read the new; I appreciate your raw emotions and uncomplicated style. Very similar to my own. = Keep up the good work! You won't see any more from me...but I'm here somewhere in this labyrinth....Take Care.
Terry Donovan 18 May 2004 02:43
Hi. I've enjoyed reading your poems. You certainly do interesting things with words. Your style and mine are so totally different but they say it take all sorts. Keep up the good work!
Sofia P 09 May 2004 12:11
Hahahahaaaaa! You play well with words!