• A Center For The Obivious

    It must of felt like shit,
    to be the only person who didn't know it.
    When people know and you don't,
    it must've made your heart jolt.... more »

  • A Man Of No Sense

    Oh my god, get it done!
    For once in my life your getting me to the edge.
    Your rules don't make sense.
    But I guess that's why it's your rule.... more »

  • Clouds Of Ignorence

    Will I be the one to take that step?
    To get you back into my life, or will I fall from the strife.
    I know there's space inside you heart for this,
    but in your head you do so detest.... more »

  • Contraditions Of Sanity And Love

    What's in for you,
    when your relationship is stuck to my brain like Glue.
    To many things are falling apart,
    Although, the only thing that is stiff is your hate.... more »

  • Save My Foundation

    Hello, my little one.
    Have you've seen what I have done?
    Like paper burning, quick and hot.
    I tried to resist my love for you that was yearning.... more »

  • The Amount Of Change Is Exceeding New Lengths

    Some weird sights I saw today,
    or maybe my mind is playing games.
    I swore I saw you kissing him,
    but understand my love is grim.... more »

  • The Depression

    The economy is very treacherous,
    So many people get so solicitous.
    Things will come and people will grow,
    and spend their money.... more »

  • The Destruction

    You fall... I break,
    You just walk away... I try to escape.
    The things you are known for,
    are my greatest fears.... more »

  • The Illusion

    You maybe right,
    trying to conduct a fight.
    You give your people a useless excuse,
    but think about the decision you're going to choose.... more »

  • The Lover's 'Puck'

    It looks like I'm out of luck...
    There are so many things I feel are fucked.
    People come and people go,
    but there is something you must know.... more »

  • The Mirage

    Do you think that you're my worst enemy?
    Well you're not.
    But our so called relationship is...
    I get annoyed of being brushed off.... more »

  • The Time Of Mourning

    One hour, two then four...
    Please stay with me a-little more.
    I know that I may have treated you like dirt,
    but I never meant to hurt.... more »

  • The Vow Of A Hurting Family

    The lines go up and down.
    Everyone in the room is about to drown,
    in the tears of disbelief.
    A man who once was standing tall,... more »

  • Thoughts Suspending

    Well i am bored out of my mind,
    nothing to do, nothing to say.
    The only thing keeping me alive is being with you in every way.
    I just wish I wasn't stuck being here without any life,... more »

  • Your Basic High Song... Gone Wrong

    You're down and miserable,
    But don't drown in sadness.
    Life is a place for happiness.
    I know I'm not the one to talk.... more »