• # God Is All

    Maker of everything.
    Bringer to life.
    Perfection of harmony.
    Creator majestic beautiful.... more »

  • # Gods Fury

    The Lord is mighty.
    I AM, A re payer of sins.
    Judgment in my balances.
    Fire for the unrighteous.... more »

  • # Gods Love

    Entwine with GOD eternal.
    Blisses of a harmony.
    Omni presence undulating.
    Harmonic waves of energy.... more »

  • # Gods Sabbath

    Holy day of rest.
    Sacred time solemn.
    Family time of joy.
    Church with it's assembly.... more »

  • # Praise The Lord

    The Lord is mighty.
    The Lord is righteous.
    The Lord is majestic.
    The Lord is powerful.... more »

  • # Witness For Jesus

    Lord, son of GOD.
    Doorway to GOD.
    Oblation for sins.
    Eternal in presence.... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A 1

    Sometimes things in life just fall apart. I wondered about my life.
    Here, only a few years, I was on top of the world. Then, GOD, came into my life. All around me, I saw vanity. Images, that I worshiped. Spent hours in reverence. They took control of my life and
    ways of thinking.... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A - Repent Sinner 3

    Hobo-A, had been down on his luck. There sitting
    on a lone park bench, his friend just came into view.
    Upon contact, the friend came over to the bench
    to converse with HOBO-A.... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo - A - And QuestıOns 4

    Things in the life of HOBO-A were looking upward for a change.
    Odd -jobs and fighting the devil in the bottle. HOBO-A was in
    the park, sitting on a bench, with a new Bible he bought the other
    day. The sun had a halo glow of life, with, future radiance in the... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo - A - Timeout 15

    With a story, comes perspective of the story. Here in scope, we
    find two entities of life. A dominion of stance has formed with HOBO-A and the friend. Each embracing life, in the context of experience. Transposing those contexts, into a manifestation of being. The
    audience of the world taking notice of manners.... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo- A - Relapse 5

    The friend was out strolling one early morning. Going by
    the park, he noticed a figure sitting on a bench. It looked
    like HOBO-A and to make sure, the friend strolled nearer
    for a good glance. Yes, it was HOBO-A, but, upon further... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A - An Gold 10

    HOBO-A and the friend had by chance met in the park
    again. It had been some time since the last encounter
    of meeting. HOBO-A had a gold ring on his right hand.
    The friend noticed the ring and made comment of it's... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A - Dead 19

    The friend heard of the passage of HOBO-A. All sub-
    come to death. The grass wilts and the flower fades
    away.... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A - Down Again 9

    The friend was sitting on a park bench in the park,
    as was custom now. Who should come along but, HOBO-A.
    Though, HOBO-A was HOBO-A and not HOBO-A,
    in the full context of the moment. The friend upon full... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A - Encounters Friend 2

    HOBO-A was down and out again. The bottle had
    taken it's fill of time and space. Walking slowly with
    a cup of coffee spilling over his hand, as he
    slumbered along the pavement. Lost to himself and all... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A And Alcohol 7

    HOBO-A was on the park bench again. Sitting and
    taking in the day. Next to him was the brown bag,
    with the neck of his devil peeking out also upon the
    world. The bottle was still un-open but waiting to... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A And Follow 13

    HOBO-A was again reclined on his now favorite park
    bench. Much perplexity was surrounding HOBO-A and
    his life. Things were whirlpool like in contemplations.
    HOBO-A and his devils, were in combat, with his... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A And The Bible 11

    It had been a long time since the friend had seen HOBO-A.
    Though time had brought them together again in the park,
    sitting on a park bench. HOBO-A had his Bible and a cup of
    coffee with him, at the present moment. The park had a glow of sunshine about it's surroundings. HOBO-A asked the friend, about... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A -Has A Dream 8

    HOBO-A was sitting on his favorite bench in the park.
    The friend was just passing by. Asked HOBO-A, how
    he was doing? The friend noticed a change in HOBO-A
    and his demeanor. HOBO-A looked at the friend and told... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A Inferno 14

    As chance encounter would have it, the friend was taken
    back by this meeting. On a park bench, by a bus stop, was
    HOBO-A reposed. His head on an empty beer case, right
    arm dangling, with a gold toga robe on and Roman sandals.... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A/An Image 16

    The friend was at home reading GOD'S word in the
    Bible. Thoughts of HOBO-A entered for brief interludes.
    Contemplation of, GOD, along with idols, were in
    mental play. An epoch of time transpired with visual... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A/Emulate 17

    The passage of an epoch presented eye opening
    revelations before the friend. HOBO-A with his trans-
    formation, became a local IDOL. To detriment, it was a
    very, very, young audience. HOBO-A was now projecting... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A/Hospital 18

    Life contains various accounts of people and occurrence.
    HOBO-A was only one person, but, overcome by self
    inflicted delusions. Presented by a world of various
    proportions. The friend was going over in his mind, HOBO-A... more »

  • ## A Story Of Hobo-A/Vision 6

    HOBO-A recovered from his last fall onto the bench, with
    the help of his friend and the mission. The mission provided
    a much needed release from the outside world. Having rested
    and returning to his Bible, HOBO-A decided to take a walk.... more »

  • ### Iceberg Father

    I was sitting thinking of the TITANIC and this
    poem came into my mind.

    A ship of song and dance.... more »