• Small Poems # 15


    Tiny jib like sails balloon.
    Gusty wind a salty seas.... more »

  • Small Poems # 16


    A cool chill fills my soul.
    That of a quiet subtle peace.... more »

  • Small Poems # 17


    Songs fill the empty sky.
    Beyond a place in motions time.... more »

  • Small Poems # 18


    Wondrous melody beyond written time.
    Brief explosions within my mind.... more »

  • Small Poems # 19


    Rush to me with outstretched arms.
    Bring the songs of enraptured nights.... more »

  • Small Poems # 20


    Gentle cushion blooming dawn.
    Caress the solitude of life.... more »

  • Small Poems # 21


    Into the unknown space.
    Cascading into gentle lace.... more »

  • Small Poems # 22


    Gone to a far away land.
    Never to return, only to dust.... more »

  • Small Poems # 23


    There lying on a beach.
    Just past mortal reach.... more »

  • Small Poems # 24


    Fill the sky like a cloud.
    A shadow made upon the ground.... more »

  • Small Poems # 5


    Silent challenged majestic moment.
    Crescents with silent willows.... more »

  • Small Poems # 6


    Quiet soft winter way.
    Beyond the crested trees.... more »

  • Small Poems # 7


    Crying leaves of early spring.
    Shaded colors, which rainbows bring.... more »

  • Small Poems # 8


    A whisper to every flower.
    Dance lightly in the early light.... more »

  • Small Poems # 9


    Silent silver dawn spoke to me.
    Years ago, by a crusty sea.... more »

  • Small Poems # 2


    My tiny clock.
    Solid, like rock.... more »

  • Smokey Dream

    There I am upon the stage.
    My hair is the current rage.
    Flying colors before my eyes.
    I will never, never, never, die.... more »

  • Some Girl

    Flirting with a style.
    Coy, joyous, for awhile.
    Then crazy mellow wits.
    Crying love songs with fits.... more »

  • Speck Of Life

    The birds sing today. The children cry. Old men dream
    of yesterday. All is the manifestation of GOD in reality.
    All vibrates to the songs of the universe. Time flows in the
    harmonic of the heart beats of butterflies. Fish find the... more »

  • Step Toward Death

    Your song played upon my heart.
    A dying feeling that was a part.
    That place beyond the downing light.
    To follow only beyond loves sight.... more »

  • Stone Block Boy

    Look good - boy.
    SALE - day now.
    You lived the ship.
    We just want your - gold.... more »

  • Strange Ways

    Days of fortune spring upon us.
    Lost in some maze of our mind.
    Where whipper wiles play on fire.
    Strange such places exist.... more »

  • Street Of Love

    How many stories unfold?

    Many just never told.... more »

  • Sugaboo This Poems For You

    NOTE: [[[ 8hop poetry site went down. I lost contact with others and others lost poems and works. [KEEP A COPY OF YOUR WORKS ] It hurts us when a ship sinks in the poetry site field ]]].

    Life is a road to follow
    At times we must swallow.... more »

  • Summers End

    The last solemn day.
    Gone the leaves of May.
    Creep slowly with solemn Grey.
    Meadow lark sings no more.... more »