• ##a Story Of Hobo-A/Epilogue 20

    [1] GENESIS 1-1, 'IN the beginning God created the
    heaven and the earth.'

    [2] 1890's EDISON works on light bulb and motion images.... more »

  • #17762009-July

    Attitudes of the old and new.
    First can of coffee, pop-top-opens.
    Food frozen from farmers toil.
    Scoped-auto shotguns-hunt turkey dimmers.... more »

  • * God Omni - 2

    MATH: E=MC2
    MATH: MC2=E
    GOD: Manipulates all.
    GOD: Gives - GOD: Takes.... more »

  • * God Omni

    Beyond perspective.
    Beyond realms.
    Beyond presence.
    Beyond magnitude.... more »

  • * God Omni - 3

    An analogy of GODS workings. A small freezer in a kitchen refrigerator empty. Take that into concept, as all the infinite universe.
    Heat and cold are the energy forces of GOD. Water in the air, condenses in the freezer and produces solid matter. Soon thick ice forms on the walls, with repetitive opening and closing of the freezer door over time.

    If we unplug the refrigerator and come back latter, the solid ice is melted. The door if left open, will allow the water to evaporate. These changes in matter state, as exampled, are in concept how GODS energy power works. GOD forms matter from from energy, and forms energy from matter. All controlled by the living GOD.... more »

  • * God Omni - 4

    With the concept of the freezer universe in GOD OMNI - 3, to a bigger concept of GOD. Spiritual GOD energy, in the unlimited universe accelerates a portion to light speed. Producing the minute electrons, protons, etc, to produce atoms of various formulations.
    This all GOD coordinates, with an infinite blueprint of intelligent conception., into all and everything.

    Now a concept of GOD forming a universe within an infinite universe of GOD spirit. Through evolution the atoms form matter, evolve into larger formations of galaxies, stars, planets, etc. This our domain universe, like a balloon in the freezer is found. Leaving outside the domain universe, the infinite GOD, surrounding our domain universe to infinity.... more »

  • * God Omni - 5

    In our domain universe, within GODS
    spiritual universe. We vessels encompass
    within us a soul. Like a blank CD, we live
    life, inscribing upon our souls all of our... more »

  • * God Omni - 6

    After time, GOD will have sifted the
    tare's from the wheat. With the harvest
    of souls completed, GOD will open
    the freezer door and melt the domain... more »

  • 144 Proof Right

    Door closes on mayhem
    OH! ! ! ! You back again.
    Long time- no see. [same]?
    YEA! ! kids got aids.... more »

  • 144 Proof Right Part 2

    The door closes on mayhem.
    HAY! ! ! back again. [same].
    Talking to the bum outside, with
    the sign REPENT SINNERS.... more »

  • 144 Proof Right Part 3

    The door closes oh Mayhem.
    HAY! ! ! back...... Yea. double wine two ice cubes.
    [ok] - 'whats new'? ? ? ? ? ? ?
    Talking to the homeless vet. *park bench time*... more »

  • 1860 Cries From Grave's 1865

    In lines we stood.
    Cause against cause - woods.
    BLUE & GREY were we.
    America's hemorrhage - free.... more »

  • A Moth Wonder

    I sit in a supreme bliss.The world spins around in it's full
    perfection. My mortal eyes fall upon a moth. There fluttering
    before the presence of my mortal eyes. Captured nd
    floating upon a fluttering air. It seems to have but little care.... more »

  • A Seed

    The Lord made a seed within the universe. It was a place
    called the earth. A tiny seed of creation. To fill all with an
    eternal plan. We are all part of the workings. To make a
    space where we can rest. To have a home in eternal life.... more »

  • A Sunday

    I sat under a tree all the day long. I contemplated the
    complex majesty of GOD. There before my mortal eye's,
    all the glory which is GOD. Perfection which goes beyond
    the scope of mortal human contemplations. A burning creation... more »

  • A Ladybug Dream Love

    You were dreaming - for a
    million years. Thats -
    what it was to me.
    Let me have that dream,... more »

  • A Penny For Your Poem

    So I'm broke again.
    Empty belly, no haircut or friend.
    What is that, that you want? ? ?
    I make noise on paper-friend.... more »

  • A Small Glass Of Water

    One small glass of water.
    The waiter said, 'THAT WAS THE ORDER'.
    In the pantry the man looked at me.
    We have no water, LET IT BE.... more »

  • A Wild Exotic

    Where does my mind start? Where does my mind end? No
    expanse to the ultimate, the thoughts do not stop. Time does
    not stop. It is all in perpetual motion. All a vibration in the
    universe. Constant it is, alive in the conception. I am me,... more »

  • Abraham

    Under a mighty tree.
    My lady beside me.
    What did I notice true.
    With old cloak, shrouded blue.... more »

  • Aftermaths-Memo Day 2008

    WHY?... more »

  • Afternoon Rain Poem

    So is that time of day.
    Some go for the hay.
    Others try and find a way.
    Yet, it is the end of day-almost.... more »

  • Ahmad Shiddiqi [poemhunter]

    Walking in vibrant space.
    A net work of lace.
    A sound of musical lore.
    At my eye's open door.... more »

  • Alien Spaceman God

    I look into heaven.
    Stoned out after seven.
    On my back alone.
    All the stars shone.... more »

  • Almost 13

    What's really going on.
    T.V. for hours - THEIR GONE.
    Homework maybe and radios on.
    Let me fill this pot bowl.... more »