• Almost 13

    What's really going on.
    TV. for hours - THERE GONE!
    Homework maybe and radio on.
    Let me fill this pot bowl.... more »

  • America Politico

    Small room, with twelve bathrooms.
    Envelopes fill the baskets.
    Mirrors with lipstick kisses.... more »

  • Annie Le

    Through fields of roses.
    Touching flowers and noses.
    Prancing in loves prime.
    Seeds of tomorrows chimes.... more »

  • Anti-Image War Glory

    Turn the channel more.
    There it is again as before.
    The glory of blood and gore.
    Images fill my public mind.... more »

  • Artic Tears

    A world of fears.
    A crying Artic sear.
    A icy world wonder.
    A melting water plunderr.... more »

  • Back Again

    Back on the page again.
    Pen in hand a friend.
    More noise to send,
    Makes your eyes bend.... more »

  • Ball And Chain

    YOU, look at me.
    I look at you.
    You tell me this.
    I tell you list.... more »

  • Beer Pot Bowl School

    The bell just rings.
    One more hit - for the ping.
    Stuffs really the thing.
    Fast drink this and sing.... more »

  • Beyond All

    Coldness came from the clear.
    Beyond the clouds sight of ear.
    Playing songs to fill my head.
    Raptured hearts full of dread.... more »

  • Big Bang End

    Atomic bombs - fast cams.
    Hour glass time and sand.
    Mankind in a jam.
    Mega bytes - big ram.... more »

  • Big Heads

    The barrel makes a sound.
    Tap, that rat & round.
    KEEP - pour another - profound.
    'KITCHEN' - crackers - cheese mound.... more »

  • Big Mom Tv.

    Teaches me.
    What, I should be.... more »

  • Big Mom Tv.5

    MOM --DAD;
    The TV. said.
    The TV. said.... more »

  • Big Mom Tv.2

    I; m only 9 years old.

    Mom is dating the
    mailman.... more »

  • Big Mom Tv.3

    Monday - 4 hours TV.
    Tuesday - 3 hours TV.
    Wednesday - 6 hours TV.
    Thursday - 5 hours TV.... more »

  • Big Fish Small Pond

    TAILS - FINS - BIG SPLASH! ! ! !

    Got to move fast.... more »

  • Birds Sky

    Green, yellow, blue with red.
    Tiny little bird, by my bed.
    Yell, talk, peep and flirt.
    Over the place of my birth.... more »

  • Blanket Of Life

    Little children in our,
    yard. Yes love,
    Life and the passage,... more »

  • Cain & Abel

    The beginnings of wars begun.
    Brother slew brother, mankind undone.
    Crying blood of centuries of wars.
    Mimics the first, done without a gun.... more »

  • Calamity

    Illusive winds cascade.
    Rain imparts wayward folly.
    Ramparts of crying souls.
    Innocence embraces travesty.... more »

  • Cant Edit Love

    Its in your heart.
    Not like a beer fart.
    It stays with you.
    Just like a solid glue.... more »

  • Can'T Say That

    Don't like my rap.
    Can't jilt the fat.
    Sit on that hat.
    Stomp on the cat's.... more »

  • Circus Clown

    Sacredness suspended clown.
    Some wearing golden crowns.
    Happy songs jump and twirl.
    Spin and hop, pleated swirls.... more »

  • Circus Rain

    A wooded song sang to me.
    Beyond the freshness of the sea.
    Blessed rain upon the ground.
    The last drop, a silence profound.... more »

  • Closet Faces

    Well here I am again today. Who will I be this glory of a day.
    There upon the wall of the closet to see. An array of faces
    looking at me. Some are famous, others are plain. There is
    even one with a stain. Over in the corner, one with pain.... more »