• Gods Seashell

    There upon the sands of an ocean time.
    I looked down upon the waves.
    A seashell stood there among seaweed.
    It seemed to blend with the surf sand.... more »

  • Gods Secret

    It was there before all time.
    A special secret, only known by GOD.
    He made the heaven and earth.
    Hoping that maybe man will find.... more »

  • Gods Space

    I looked up into the deep abyss.
    There a multitude of stars and a moon.
    It was all created by the will of GOD.
    With GODS, Davine power and wisdom.... more »

  • Gods Spirit

    Only to seek and find GODS spirit.
    All around, just like the air.
    We look for the grace of the spirit.
    With added extra, that we know not.... more »

  • Gods Stars

    Look high up into the heavens.
    There beyond, all the stars of GOD.
    GOD made all the stars in the sky.
    Without number, they twinkle and shine.... more »

  • Gods Tears

    May I cry for a silent minute.
    Lost feelings have found space.
    Gone to the winds last song.
    Meadow larks fly to a lost place.... more »

  • Gods Time

    It passes with the light of day.
    Morning until sunset we work.
    Calling upon GOD for his quiet blessing.
    Down upon bent knees, praying unto GOD.... more »

  • Gods Ways

    Like a deep mystery before the dawn.
    Upon sunlight the Lord does appear.
    Resting very gentle upon the good souls.
    GOD knows the number of the call.... more »

  • Gold And Gold And Gold And Gold

    Gold upon the open stage.
    Let me turn another page.
    Walk I do with weighted yoke.
    All this GOLD, the color of a joke.... more »

  • Gutter Trash

    What is that sound?
    My eye's look all around.
    A very quiet song.
    Tells of something wrong.... more »

  • Gutter Trash 3

    Not feeling very rich.
    Fell into the gutter ditch.
    All the world in a fray.
    What was that, GOD did say?... more »

  • Gutter Trash 2

    Acid-rain sings the blues.
    Shine left my shoes.
    Church bells in a flutter.
    People behind closed shutters.... more »

  • H E A V E N

    Beyond all.
    Earth just a ball.
    We are so small.
    Yet - God loves all.... more »

  • H U N G E R

    My kingdom for bread

    'the jester said'... more »

  • Haiku Poem 1


    One day -
    you are -... more »

  • Harrow Wood

    The stage is all bare.
    Many fans gaping to stare.
    On with the channel - T.V. friends.
    Here they come - time to spend.... more »

  • Heart Attack

    Another just went under.
    ACIDRAIN-falling plunder.
    People falling like rain.
    A FAD, your insane! ! ! ! ! !... more »

  • Heaven Stars Wonder

    There I was reposed upon my back. It must have been two or
    three in the dark morning. There was no light about. Only the
    many diamonds in the sky. Thrown upon a blackness to twinkle
    in the night. A dance of heavenly beauty for the eye to look upon.... more »

  • Hollow Street Signs

    People moving fast.
    Can't stop, dead last.
    Stores are all empty.
    Where is the plenty?... more »

  • I Want Water

    Just dont taste good.
    Whats wrong-number one water.
    So the rice grower, ' said'.
    You maybe want more.... more »

  • Illusions Speak

    Eyes that look inside.
    Ears that speak out music.
    Feelings that never surface.
    Hair that grows inward.... more »

  • I'm A Star

    I look out upon the stage.
    A god I am, what a stand.
    Let me play this image part.
    It said, 'I HAVE NO HEART'.... more »

  • Infinity

    To look at myself in the universe of creation. A tiny spot, a speck
    in all of the infinite remoteness of time and space. Living with the
    inner strength and spirit of GOD. A tool, a clay receptacle of his spirit, to
    perform GODS will in GODS creation. Molded by the hands of GOD,... more »

  • It Became Fast

    Life in the slow past.
    Machines to make casts.
    Man left his two feet.
    Onward machines and water fleets.... more »

  • L O N E B I R D

    Limb of my domain

    To sing of crying pain... more »