• Late Night Ramble

    Place in the late hour.
    Crying into my empty self.
    Calling into nothingness.
    Where is the ending of space?... more »

  • Life Images

    Cast upon the image screens.
    A life of pure un-reality.
    Through time with growing pains.
    Soon they just seem insane.... more »

  • Lolly Pop's

    Scattered leaves of humanity.
    There cast as vanities of profanity.
    Wayward waifs, man's discards.
    Silent cries on cement sods.... more »

  • Lone Sparrow

    I'm only a tiny sparrow. Here cast upon a house top
    in the dead of winter. I look down upon the bleak
    snow. Not a sign of food. A seed, a crumb, even a
    delinquent bug, from it's nest of shelter. None for the... more »

  • Lonely Earth

    All the water is gone.
    No fish left in the pond.
    Sodas are all off the shelf.
    Maybe my last breath to myself.... more »

  • Love

    We found love today.
    A quiet word. Spoken-
    in a silent voice.
    A whisper to my heart. You-... more »

  • Love From God

    There is a certain kind of love.
    Found only in a not so perfect world.
    It is given forth, by the grace of GOD.
    A lonely figure, by an empty bay.... more »

  • Love Poem

    Heart bespoken hour.
    My love a flower.
    Entwined passioned love.
    Fluttering like a dove.... more »

  • Love Poem 1

    Our love is like wine.
    Grapes of time, from the vine.
    Our heart's crushed within.
    Nectar flavor, was our sin.... more »

  • Love - Val.2012

    I just sat.
    You were to me.
    A sea beyond shores.
    SO - love was to me.... more »

  • Love's Heartbeat

    Your heart beats softly.
    It spoke to me - in
    the silent. I heard
    a rapture of it's love.... more »

  • Loves Ocean

    So the waves move.
    We all find our groove.
    Some with the silver spoon.
    Looking wayward at noon.... more »

  • Many Germs

    They all just went wild.
    All around in fashion style.
    In the nose - cough to show.
    Whats wrong with the stomach below?... more »

  • Marbles

    HAY, I just came from Grand Dad's house and he
    gave me this old leather bag full of marbles. GEE! ! !
    let's play marbles. OK. Let's draw a circle. There lets
    pour them out. OH, they look old. Here you take a... more »

  • Maria's New Baby

    Told her by an angel.
    Son of GOD, he will be.
    Bringing the word.
    Joseph, was upset, .... more »

  • Martin King

    Martin sing your song.
    Life not really long.
    Cutting a water way.
    Many just look - say.... more »

  • Me Poewhit

    Here, I sit with my friends, [ THE POETS ].
    WINE-my love-enraptures me.
    Only to tell thee-my friends.
    I love you all - 'past love'.... more »

  • Memo Day 2008

    A soldier is boots.
    There not spit shinny.
    Yet we all grow old.... more »

  • Modern Folly

    Guests gather around the water hole. Intoxicating
    drinks, elevate grandiose aspirations. Band-aids
    sound a melodious song upon the right hands.
    Idols, on the magic eye, spouts images of... more »

  • Mom's Cake Mix

    What's going on in the sky?
    Some dripped down into my eye.
    Birds falling to the ground.
    It doesn't stop - something profound.... more »

  • Monday A New Week

    The day has begun.
    I'm on the run.
    Crooks carry guns.
    Traffic, fumes jam, radio on.... more »

  • Money & Times

    A paragraph from a book by - Washington Irving - The History of New York - about the fortunes of money, that I am presently reading. I hope it will share some wisdom.

    ' If we could get a peep at the tally of dame fortune, where, like a notable landlady, she regularly chalks up the debtor and creditor accounts of mankind, we should find that, upon the whole, good and evil are pretty nearly balanced in this world; and that though we may for a long while revel in the very lap pf prosperity, the time will at length come, when we must pay off the reckoning. Fortune, in fact, is a pestilent shrew, and withal a most inexorable creditor; for though she may indulge her favourites in long credits, and overwhelm them with her favours; yet sooner or later, she brings up her arrears, with the rigour of an experienced publican, and washes out her scores with their tears. 'SINCE', says good old Boetius in his consolations of philosophy, 'since no man can retain her at his pleasure, and since her flight is so deeply lamented, what are her favours but sure prognostications of approaching trouble and calamity.'... more »

  • Monuments

    All shines as mounted tombs. Only to be lost with time and
    GOD. Just dust made into an image of the imagination and
    heart. To find futility with the fragile essence of time. The
    incessant movement of another creation.... more »

  • Most Ville

    An open window home.
    MOM'S apple-pie odor roams.
    No T.V.- no radio- no phone.
    Quiet silent, a cricket alone.... more »

  • My Best Friend - T.V.

    HELLO - my new friend.
    You seem to never bend.
    All day long I watch you.
    I believe your point of view.... more »