• Poem Time Fear

    Just feel full of fear.
    Time for that cold beer.
    Find a friend with big ears.
    Wont cring at my fears.... more »

  • Poet

    I'm an artist.
    I paint pictures.
    What's before me.
    That is what, I see.... more »

  • Poet Rocks

    All poet rocks, start out as pebbles at
    the bottom of the river of life. Through
    time, some words grow into rocks.
    Such as the flower to the plant. Over... more »

  • Poet Birds

    CHIRPS, the poet sings.
    Of lace and trying things.
    From cosmic starry heavens.
    Dream wonders - loving brethren.... more »

  • Poet's And Poetry

    Part of a paragraph from, The Picture of Dorian Gray by
    Oscar wilde. I think really hits the high notes of poets.

    ' A great poet, a really great poet, is the most unpoetical... more »

  • Poets Of Time

    Reflection light shatters.
    Words upon platters.
    Food thought consumption.
    Ideas of man's functions.... more »

  • Poison World

    I sit by the open window.
    Air flows, yet not so simple.
    Days of old seem like forgotten lore.
    Maybe only, if I open the door.... more »

  • Polluted Air

    Polluted air, dead man's wonder.
    Taken back by the blunder.
    Sing a broken song to me.
    Pin striped suit said, 'TURN THE KEY'.... more »

  • Puppy

    Tiny golden puppy.
    Hopping like a clown.
    Deep dark wrinkles.
    Eye's sad of round.... more »

  • Raging Images

    Who am I today?
    I live life like a play.
    An image part for me.
    Cast my soul to the sea.... more »

  • Rosa Parks

    A small symbol of seed.
    In her heart a creed.
    Feelings of a spirit.
    Where just to sit?... more »

  • Sabbath

    One day, last of the week.
    Rest we do, a Holy God to seek.
    Our ways become not our own.
    That day belongs to God and home.... more »

  • Sabbath School

    Kids wait outside the temple.
    Meditations of the coming mental.
    Collection usher, at the door.
    The congregation inside, wants more.... more »

  • Shop Cart

    Swells of golden image hill.
    Credit card heaven-more refills.
    The bricks cascaded down.
    From my head, removing the crown.... more »

  • Shroud Of Turin

    If one reads the Gospel of JOHN 20-7, 'and
    the napkin, that was about the head, not lying
    with the linen clothes, but wrapped together
    in a place by itself'.... more »

  • Silent Moments

    First look at morning light.
    Birds sing in mid flight.
    Dew upon the green grass.
    Silent breeze, sun light brass.... more »

  • Silent Silver

    Silence adrift with golden sunset.
    Fallen shadows cast upon mankind.
    Silent hopes and dreams of reality.
    Cast forth with silver silence.... more »

  • Small Poems # 1


    Two open windows.
    Into silent rainbows.... more »

  • Small Poems # 14


    Caught in crimson fire.
    Lost with a crying sorrow.... more »

  • Small Poems # 3


    Call, the early light shines.
    Blasted upon the wind.... more »

  • Small Poems # 4


    Quiet morning of spring.
    Crested sorrow in life.... more »

  • Small Poems # 10


    Looking from the hollow crook.
    Just over the edge of a brook.... more »

  • Small Poems # 11


    Silent tears fell today.
    A crying song around May.... more »

  • Small Poems # 12


    Quiet silent, melodies of a dawn.
    Raptured light calls it's fawn.... more »

  • Small Poems # 13


    Not a sound to notice.
    Only the blank of nothing.... more »