I'm a 'Singer/Songwriter' sort of...saying that I am singer implies that I can sing...I'm mediocre at best...and the same can be said about my songwriting...but...I keep going. I dont know what else I would do. And maybe its all cheesy...maybe not. I like most of it.

The past several years I have sort of just written stuff down...and some one had suggested that I upload that writing here and call it 'poetry'. I'm a High School dropout so I dont have the vocabulary or the English craft to know if I am using the corect phrasing, or puncuation or whatever...I just write what makes sense to me...how I think and talk. It seems to come out ok? YOu can be the judge of that...not that I am looking to be judeged mind you...LOL! ! !

http: //www.myspace.com/JoeRivasSolo


Joe Rivas Poems

I'D Like To Go Now

I’d like to go now
Because it’s been seven years I’ve been waiting
And it doesn’t seem like you are coming home
You have forgotten this old street... more »

Not Forgotten

I thought about you again today
I just cant seem to put it away
The memories that I have of you
And all those things we used to do... more »

Try It Again

Landslide buries
The weight is overwhelming
Breath comes short
I set up my walls... more »

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