• Big Shoes

    I remeber how it was when you were still around
    I had not a care or worry in the world
    I could do anything that I wanted to
    Becasue you always took care of me... more »

  • Blow Out The Candles...Make A Wish

    I blow out the candles for you
    Before the wax drips down on the frosting
    It’s your birthday today
    And the ritual has begun again... more »

  • Can I Find The Patience

    Can I find the patience to wait these last few steps?
    I have had such a long journey thru time, space and pain
    Suffering that no one should ever be subjected to, most of it self inflicted
    And yet here I am on the precipice and I can’t seem to sit on my hands... more »

  • Full Moon Love

    Moon light shatters the sky, pushing back the dark
    Keeping at bay all those harbored fears of the night
    The sound of waves crashing far below on cliffs
    Powerful rhythm of tide moving rock and earth... more »

  • Holding Pattern

    I am in a holding pattern
    And I don’t know when I am going to land
    And that all depends on you
    For you to tell me when it’s safe... more »

  • I Captured A Butterfly In A Jar

    I captured a butterfly in a jar
    I danced around in the grass for hours
    Chasing it down stumbling falling laughing
    Making the chase the most rewarding... more »

  • I'D Like To Go Now

    I’d like to go now
    Because it’s been seven years I’ve been waiting
    And it doesn’t seem like you are coming home
    You have forgotten this old street... more »

  • Not Forgotten

    I thought about you again today
    I just cant seem to put it away
    The memories that I have of you
    And all those things we used to do... more »

  • Skipped Groove

    Blind rage that is deep within my heart
    Never meant for it to start
    In the end I am to loose
    Becasue I am the one who Skipped the Groove... more »

  • Thanks A Lot Myspace

    It hurts so much today
    I stumbled across your profile
    To be honest I went looking for it
    I guess because I wanted this pain... more »

  • The Pizza Incident

    And now you sit there like a Bastion of grief
    Covered with a look of indifference to hide your sorrow from me
    But you wear it out unaware, just like this heart on my sleeve
    If you could see into my soul you'd know how bad I hurt... more »

  • The Scary Night Sky

    the great expanse
    of the night sky
    consuming darkness
    pin holes of light... more »

  • Try It Again

    Landslide buries
    The weight is overwhelming
    Breath comes short
    I set up my walls... more »

  • Understand My Way

    I know the truth is hard to see
    When you make it up like me
    And you will think back to these days
    Never to understand my ways... more »

  • Valentine's Day (Again)

    Valentine’s Day (again)

    Everything I have ever wanted in a Girl
    I had already found in you... more »

  • Wondering? ? ? ?

    What will it be like when I see you again
    Will the Earth pitch, lift and roll
    Will the ground split open and lava flow
    Will the Law of Gravity repeal... more »