• (poem By My Mom) What They Don'T Know

    As they sleep I catch my breath
    Certain circles make me smile
    I miss em both little do they
    know... more »

  • (poem By My Mom) What 'You' Took For Granted

    As you play far away
    I wait and wonder and I replay your last words in my head
    So close but yet so far away
    nothing else matters except for what we had yesterday... more »

  • (poem From My Mom To Me My Brother) What I Don'T Say

    ... more »

  • A Ravens Eye

    A ravens eye of the world is so different you see..
    Not like mine or yours..
    So unique and peaceful..
    No worries to come..... more »

  • Age Lovers

    This man i see before me
    Artisitic... more »

  • Books

    Why am i writing about books?
    Books to me are a world themselves
    They speak just like you and me... more »

  • Change

    As i stare into the mirror....
    I think to myself......Who is that srange creature...
    Black hair.....a smile so dull..... a heart so cold......
    Where am i....what have i become....... more »

  • Hearts Are Like Clocks

    Hearts work like clocks
    Ticking and tocking
    Turning and spinning... more »

  • Him

    Hes a stranger
    Nobody know's his purpose
    His body language is unreadable... more »

  • Hour Glass

    My hour glass in not empy
    It is full
    For my life is still young... more »

  • I'M An Artist

    I'm an artist
    No i do not use a brush
    Or a palette
    Or play with pretty colors... more »

  • Is It Love

    Is it love for being so young? ?
    Or is it a joke in your mind?
    Is it love in your eyes..or a hoax in mine!
    Please tell me! ! ! ! Do you love me...... more »

  • Just Dream And Dream

    Can i dream and dream? ? ?
    Without knowing is killing me...
    May i dream and dream? ...
    And just watch is fade away...... more »

  • Life

    I'm mom's baby
    And dad's angel
    Mom one hand
    Dad on the other... more »

  • Little Shine

    ... more »

  • Mama

    My dear mother don't cry........
    Thy stay strong...and keep hope...
    Teach me all that i need to know.....
    Teach me the wonders of the world........ more »

  • My Beat

    The beat my shoes play
    Tap tap tapity tap
    Is a calming song to me... more »

  • My Dream

    My dreams are endless
    Just like the sky

    My dreams talk... more »

  • My Enemy

    My enemy is not a person
    A person you can face
    My enemy is me... more »

  • My Shadow

    I feel the breeze on my neck
    I can see the dark figure before me
    An endless pit of fear... more »

  • My Time

    I am sprouting from my home
    Reaching for my dream
    I am a rose the key to life
    My sweet scent will guide your youth... more »

  • My Time To Move On

    My friend this is heart breaking to say
    Im moving on to follow my dream
    I still want to be friends, but we are differant... more »

  • One Night

    On the one night,
    In the light
    I knew me and you were to be... more »

  • Open Fields

    In my open field
    I do whatever i want
    In my open field
    I can scream and shout... more »

  • Rush

    Running through a maze
    Looking for exits and paths
    Voices filling my head
    Losing control and losing my breath... more »