Joey Den Biography

My world is very unique I guess you'd say. I'm usually displayed as a down-to-earth kind of girl, but my own personal life is the world that I create in my head. I have a very active imagination which I seem to write it in my stories. Many of my inspirations are just random thoughts and scenarios that I think of at certain times and build a story around what I am thinking. My mind can be happy, loveable, inspiring, and positive but I also have a dark side to that. No, nothing unhealthy such as thoughts of murder and things like that. More of what would happen if something tragic happened to them. How would they feel at that moment in time. What would they do to resolve the situation. I like to bring readers into the real world to experience the pain and resolution of the world. All my stories have a happy ending, which is my way of showing that no matter how hard life gets, there is always something to look forward to.

I'm a very kind and caring person. I am dedicated to make as many people happy as I am capable of. I will never judge you by what you believe in or what you do. I am open minded to everything that is out there in the world. I am a HUGE Chritstan and I love to be with my friends and family. I'm so glad to be in this site and I hope you like my work. God Bless!