• A Day At The Beach

    I stared in awe,
    Gazed with wonder
    Heard seagulls caw,
    Mighty waves thunder... more »

  • A Love Saved

    My love for you is still strong,
    Though your love for me is now weak,
    So I express my love through this song,
    Hoping you give me the love I seek.... more »

  • A Soul To Save

    One final sip, the cup sits empty
    Behind the bar, the bottle tempts me

    You’ve had enough; the tender speaks... more »

  • A War Torn Love

    I dream of the day my love comes home
    From overseas where she roams
    She is doing the good work
    Yet I selfishly anger at the jerk... more »

  • Fly Through Fear

    Pre-flight fright
    White knuckled fists gripping tight
    Armrests and safety vests strapped to chests
    Clasping seat belts, scared feelings felt... more »

  • Forever War

    There we stood deep in the trench
    Pile of bodies, adding to the stench
    The tanks rolling across the sand
    Fighting for freedom in a distant land... more »

  • Inside Of Lonely

    Inside this lonely heart
    There is a tale that needs be told
    Only it doesn’t know where to start
    This sad story of old... more »

  • Lay Me Down

    ... more »

  • Love Conquers All

    Last night I walked through the land of lost souls
    I walked among demons and devils and ghouls
    Searching for a loved one, for she to was lost
    I was determined to find her at any cost... more »

  • My Vengeful Valentine

    Tonight I show you love, you reciprocate with hate
    I maintain a peace, yet you initiate debate

    What more can I do to make you mine... more »

  • No Sleep For Sinners

    He lived his life on his own
    Now he’s destined to die alone
    The recurring dreams of his crime
    Back again one final time... more »

  • Stop The Suicide

    Why did I have to live this lonely life?
    Final thoughts as I gripped the knife
    Who will save me my soul bereft?
    Will it be you; you’re all that’s left... more »

  • The Final Battle

    You’ve steered me wrong, ‘O devil within
    Seductress of evil, temptress of sin
    From the moment I exited the womb
    Till today when I enter the tomb... more »