• [self-Titled Album]

    The rock tumbles
    Up the hill
    Everyone has a purpose
    A life to fulfill... more »

  • Circle A Square

    Dream a dream
    A nightmare is cold
    Looking to the left
    The right will unfold... more »

  • Demons Demons Everywhere

    Wicked smile
    Crooked teeth
    Evil plans
    Waiting to unsheathe... more »

  • Fog Of Fear

    The fear swells up
    I begin to dread
    That time in my life
    That my life will end... more »

  • Glance Of Fame

    With eyes so deep, but yet so cold
    Looking at the faces of the young and the old
    Overseeing all of death and life
    Glancing at those who succeed and those who strife... more »

  • Imagine

    Imagine there's no heaven,
    It's easy if you try,
    No hell below us,
    Above us only sky,... more »

  • Loneliness

    A giant gap
    Something's gone
    I just don't get
    Where it all went wrong... more »

  • Maze Of Happiness

    Can only be found
    If you search for it
    Like a vicious blood hound... more »

  • Pressure

    The eyes of hate stare down upon you
    Prices of pain release the marks upon you
    The paper of hope is torn in half
    Racism, racism, all it does is laugh... more »

  • Rain Drop Drizzle

    I was hit by a lie
    In the middle of my palm
    In the eye of a storm
    The silence is calm... more »

  • Serenity

    Bloody hands
    Silence is bliss
    It all just starts
    With just one kiss... more »

  • Spinning Wheels

    Vroom vroom vroom
    The motor in the car starts
    Taking us to the place
    Deep inside of our hearts... more »

  • Swirl Of Twirling World

    The waters of a motionless town
    Seem to stand on pause
    Like the lion hunting it’s prey
    Readying up it’s claws... more »

  • The Day A Rock Fell

    Children crying
    The blood is seeping
    A war is coming
    Mothers are weeping... more »

  • The Little Red Portrait

    The evil demons
    Scream inside
    Nowhere to run
    Nowhere to hide... more »