• Day Blind

    In the East it first shows,
    down South it goes,
    in the West it declines,
    in the North it never shines.... more »

  • Didactic Experiences

    You’ve enlightened my day
    And you brightened the sun.
    You made the sky turn gay
    And the air smell like hay,... more »

  • Holding Back

    There is no happiness or joy,
    there is no broken heart, no pain.
    Am no longer a reckless boy,
    not yet a disappointed man... more »

  • Smiling

    here we lay in bed
    next to each other,
    holding our hands,
    still able to count... more »

  • Stumbling Ahead

    I came a long way
    have been walking for a while
    nothing has changed
    have to stop for a moment... more »

  • Taking A Walk

    am walking through town
    with my sad and slow pace
    wind blowing in my face
    the eye lids half down... more »

  • What It All Comes Down To

    In the end
    What is it good for?
    What should I risk my life for?
    What should I live for?... more »

  • You And I

    Look at me!
    What do you see?
    I am who you want to be.
    There is nothing I can’t do.... more »