• A Compliment To A Soul's Fruition

    The true value of a gift is measured by the giver's happiness
    And the receiver's delight is in the endowment of the giver's time
    For the substance of happiness and soul's fulfillment
    is through the intimate knowledge of how and not through what you are thought of... more »

  • Breath In My Night

    The breath in my night has treasoned me today

    The irony breaches my heart... more »

  • Christmas Journey

    My knee length coat draped heavily on me, my protector for the journey ahead.
    I clicked off the lights, grabbed a book, and opened my door to the tundra.
    Feet tragically pumping through virgin snow, which polka-dotted the evening sky above.
    Blood pressure sounding in my ears as I approached the bench where I would wait.... more »

  • Dear Siblings

    I climbed the narrow stairway to my room
    Sat on my bed to read baseball cards
    I could hear the sharp yells responding to each other, pitching at each other like a pendulum
    Dirty laundry frosted the room... more »

  • Death Of A Young Man

    A gray haired man in his 70s; hiding the spring in his step
    A thriving man in his 20s; except he is dead

    And as I sat in the crowded room... more »

  • Hiding

    We give ourselves a place to hide
    With simple words that do abide
    Words we use to shut the door
    To knowing us forever more... more »

  • Hobo Lives

    On a twisting road behind me
    Full of stones and pits
    I spot a lonesome hobo
    Who looks pensive as he sits... more »

  • I Dropped My Cell Phone Too Many Times

    I dropped my cell phone too many times and it broke
    Trying too many days to function on too little sleep
    Shaking incessantly
    Pulse racing... more »

  • If

    If I had it to do all over again
    To rebreath my life and rework its end

    If I knew then what I know now... more »

  • Infinity To The Spirit Of Man

    The evolving world looks at me every five or so years.
    When something that is different has stopped being different.
    And something that is the same is no longer there.
    And the criticism cannot be it being different.... more »

  • Last Ride

    I leave my city behind me
    With a compass that leaks the view
    Searching for salvation
    A new life to come true... more »

  • Losing My Job (The Cube Farm)

    I stopped not for gas, but a cup of coffee to go.
    Coffee was my morning habit, though my stomach wouldn't have missed it this morning.
    Soon I was parked on the charcoal lot between bright orange lines, passing shiny cars as I walked toward the tall glass entryway.... more »

  • Love And Best Friends

    In the islands of tables of a dark, crowded bar,
    a girlfriend and I would meet.
    After a while she sat down with some truth-
    and left me alone to think.... more »

  • Maybe Life Is Humbug

    I've heard that life is humbug
    I've heard that it's a breeze
    I've heard what makes the world go 'round
    Is nothing to make you sneeze... more »

  • Pinwheel Eyes

    I look at life through pinwheel eyes
    wondering which way to go.
    Scared yet excited, happy and sad,
    A pendulum trying to flow.... more »

  • Purpose And A Place1

    I drove grey streets to get to my customer
    Passing shuttered buildings, crawling buses, and concrete corners.
    I parked along the curb, eyed by two men sitting on steps and drinking from paper bags.
    Tragically reflecting no doubt on their lot, asking me for change.... more »

  • Purpose And A Place2

    I climbed long escalators through the mall-like structure.
    Striding people, tragically together, hectically alone.
    Marching through a silent early morning.... more »

  • Realization At A Bar

    I parked my old car next to a dumpster.

    The music was escaping into the sultry night air, drawing me to enter through a thick wooden door.... more »

  • Search

    Do we put it in a smaller frame
    As life carries on?
    Or hide it in a closet
    Like our old high school song?... more »

  • Song Of Hope

    A lonesome seed lie cocooned in dirt;
    dormant in moistened ground.
    He lies and waits in a darkened grave,
    for the day he will be found.... more »

  • The Answer

    I sit sometimes and write some thoughts
    and let my insides out
    The hope that while I write
    I unlock what life's about... more »

  • This Person We Knew

    We gathered together; the oldest of friends
    And told all we'd found and where we had been
    We laughed and we smiled, it had been so long
    Since we all were together in the place we belonged... more »

  • Those Who Aren't Indicted

    Democrats whine as Republicans jeer;
    those who aren't indicted
    TV explores how nude it can go;
    the First Amendment be righted... more »

  • To Our Servicemen

    They humbly stand before us
    like people that I know
    But our glory is from the heart
    of these people called to go... more »

  • Which Way To Love?

    As I wander through what ifs and thoughts unproductive,
    I am lost.
    Living in yesterday instead of tomorrow.
    For giving up isn't moving forward,... more »