• A Ballad Of Sad Gnus, Page 1 Of 2

    Lu Gnu and Hugh Gnu were lovers,
    Or at least, that’s what Louise thought,
    But Hugh had a secret life of his own;
    Nobody knew until he was caught.... more »

  • A Ballad Of Sad Gnus, Page 2 Of 2

    Lu didn’t weep in the courtroom,
    Lu didn’t weep on death row;
    An’ when they came for that last long walk,
    She acted like she didn’t know.... more »

  • A Sailor I (Part 1 Of 3)

    A sailor, I, upon the decks
    Of the great USS Maine;
    I'm Robert, but they call me Tex,
    Got no reason to complain.... more »

  • A Sailor I (Part 2 Of 3)

    A hundred barrels of pungent oil,
    From many a whalefish wrought,
    And many a cauldron full a-boil
    With blubber which we'd caught.... more »

  • A Sailor I (Part 3 Of 3)

    Rising, I swam for my life and
    Found pieces of whaleboat afloat;
    Alone and far from any land,
    I looked for the men of our boat.... more »

  • A Victorian Attic, Page 1 Of 2

    We loved playing in the attic,
    My Sister Sue and me;
    It was our childhood pastime
    When the rain came down, you see.... more »

  • A Victorian Attic, Page 2 Of 2

    Sometimes I wonder at the speed
    The years have flown, so fast;
    I miss my sister, taken young,
    And our childhood in the past.... more »

  • All The Young, Dead Poets

    I am thinking tonight
    Of all those young poets,
    Who showed so much promise
    But died much too soon.... more »

  • An Otterly Silly Verse

    Oh hear the sad story of Philamon Potter;
    While married to Alice, fell in love with an otter.
    On holiday, fishing, they say that he caught her;
    It was love at first sight, many trinkets he bought her;... more »

  • Before It Began

    Before it began
    it was ended, you see,... more »

  • Build Me A Heart

    Build me a heart of the hardest steel
    Build me a heart so I cannot feel
    Build me a heart as cold as ice
    Build me a heart with nothing nice... more »

  • Camels

    The two-hump camel's Bactrian,
    The one-hump's Dromedary;
    Rarest of all, the three-hump beast
    Is quite extraordinary!... more »

  • Castles Of Glass

    Castles of glass
    Of milk and cobalt blue
    Delicately reflecting life
    In every hue... more »

  • Cernunnos

    See! The hornèd moon arises,
    See the mists upon the land;
    Soon the twin fires will be lighted,
    Here I stand.... more »

  • Classic Adversaries, Page 1 Of 2

    Again the searing sun ascends
    The arid, lonely desert skies;
    Blinding, burning, and drying,
    Setting everything ablaze with fire;... more »

  • Classic Adversaries, Page 2 Of 2

    Closer, speeding like the wind, it comes,
    And patiently, cunningly he waits;
    At last the moment comes, he crouches,
    Aims his body, and lights the fuses...... more »

  • Corporate Ambition

    Young exec with nose so brown,
    Climbing up while bending down;
    Wherever did you get the notion
    Of toadying for each promotion?... more »

  • Daedalus And Icarus, Page 1 Of 2

    Daedalus watched the birds on high,
    And wished that he could also fly;
    But he did more than wish, bright man,
    He studied wings and made a plan.... more »

  • Daedalus And Icarus, Page 2 Of 2

    Minos the King, in violent rage,
    In leaving, struck down a nearby page;
    To prison he had his councelors, take;
    For the crime of making a mistake.... more »

  • Dark Angel

    Beggar or king she is unimpressed,
    Both young and old she takes to rest;
    Saint or sinner, with equanimity,
    Maintaining her unbiased symmetry.... more »

  • Dragons

    Consider the dragons
    of medieval tales;
    could they have been real
    as tigers and whales?... more »

  • Faeries And Pixies

    Faeries are wondrous, with fairest of features,
    Pixies are comely and cute little creatures;
    Faeries ride butterflies; fireflies at night,
    Pixies ride moonbeams, they are so light;... more »

  • Fanatics

    Beware of charismatic,
    Verbally acrobatic,
    Persons who may cloak themselves in piety;
    Or bravado patriotic,... more »

  • Fire!

    “REAAAA-DY” called the Captain, calmly.
    Private Bobby shook with fear;
    A thousand grim, gray men appeared there,
    Through the smoke of cannons here.... more »

  • First Love, Page 1 Of 2

    I had an affair,
    A passionate thing,
    Free of care;
    A summer fling,... more »