• Come Over And Help Us (A Rhapsody)

    Our masks are gauze / and screen our faces for those unlike us only,
    Who are easily deceived. / Pierce through these masks to our unhidden tongues
    And watch us scold, / scold with intellectual lust; / scold... more »

  • Fish Food (An Obituary To Hart Crane)

    As you drank deep as Thor, did you think of milk or wine?
    Did you drink blood, while you drank the salt deep?
    Or see through the film of light, that sharpened your rage with its stare,
    a shark, dolphin, turtle? Did you not see the Cat... more »

  • Paul And Virginia

    Nephews and Nieces, -love your leaden statues.
    Call them by name; call him 'Paul.' She is 'Virginia.'
    He leans on his spade. Virginia fondles a leaden
    fledgling in its nest. Paul fondles with his Eyes.... more »

  • Seed Pods

    Where the small heads of violets
    are shrunk to smaller skulls,
    in meadows where the mind forgets
    its bull fights and its bulls;... more »

  • Winter

    Rocks cleft and turned to dust reveal
    cleft shells to be as stone; and cricket skulls
    in powdered light give your quick, analytic mandate:
    Un-think these things. Gun-roused at dusk... more »