• A Lullaby

    A lullaby

    Old man memories become sweeter with time and distance.
    The old man wondered if she remember him, like he remembered her.... more »

  • A Wild Bird

    A wild bird.... more »

  • Bitter Branches

    Bitter branches

    Old men are like ancient trees. Life will expand and multiply.
    They will sit on old porchesand remember skeletons and blunders.... more »

  • Dreaming Of Scotland

    Dreaming of Scotland

    She was as pretty as a picture.
    Fate had brought her to me at a dark tavern in Germany.... more »

  • Flesh And Bones

    Flesh and bones

    (Need a positive poem. Life is to be celebrated. Each day is a gift.)... more »

  • I Lift My Eyes

    I lift my eyes.

    Barren cold and heartless world,... more »

  • I Wanna Fall In Love

    I wanna fall in love

    Once, I was seeking the Hemingway life. Running toward war and away from love and life. Somehow I found the J.D Salinger silence. Once, bold and foolish man. Now he sit by the sea wishing for last dance, more laughter and the sweetness of love words.... more »

  • I Want To Love A Bonnie Girl

    I want to love a bonnie girl

    I am dreaming of dear Scotland again,... more »

  • In Monterey

    In Monterey

    I called you to tell you I was all right.... more »

  • Killer On The Road

    Killer on the road

    A Iraqi man sippedhis coffee,... more »

  • Leftover Wine

    Leftover wine

    Once, you and I, we tried to catch the wind. Once, you and I, tried to touch the clouds.
    We marvel at our world and we danced freely with the wildflowers and the dancing sea.... more »

  • Love Story

    Love story

    You were going to be a dancer, a poet, going to save our world. I was content to be in the reflection of your eyes. I told you often dear lover. You are my art, my wonder, my mystery and my midnight dancer.... more »

  • My Great Love

    My great love

    Do we support to love but once?... more »

  • My Last Stand Will Be In New York

    My last stand will be in New York City.

    I want to go to New York City,... more »

  • Over And Over Again

    Over and over again

    I'm trying to run from your memory and when you appear in my dreams.
    You whispered to me in a sweet dream.... more »

  • Parable Of Celia

    Parable of Celia

    She sat alone by the peaceful lake, her pale legs and bare feet being sun-kissed by the late Spring sun.She was wearing a sundress of white showing soft and tender shoulders. She was a young man's wish and a old man's dream.... more »

  • Russian Roulette

    Russian roulette

    Beautiful young woman danced on a stage on the border of Austin Texas,... more »

  • She Had Angels Wings Upon Her Back

    She had Angels wings upon her back

    Her long auburn hair rolled down her long slender back. The tattoos Angel awoke secret dreams and nightmares, her tattoos rolled down from soft neck to tender calves and feet.... more »

  • Sometimes We Must Steal And Loan Kisses

    Sometime we must steal and loan kisses

    Beautiful lady arrived at the Austin's tavern at twelve trying to escape the Texas Summer heat.
    Once she wanted everything and more,... more »

  • The Raven And The Coyote

    The Raven and the Coyote

    The Raven watched the moon. Her interest awoken by the sitting Coyote on the mountain ridge. The Coyote was the trickster, he should be dancing and creating havoc. He sat watching the raising moon since early dust. The piercing eyes of the Raven watched the subdued Coyote with great interest. The Raven went to the Coyote, sitting near him and she asked him. If you loved her. Why did you set her free? You restraints in the want of love when you should have been begging for her to stay. She seized your heart and you wished her well in her new journey away from you.... more »

  • The Song Of The Fall

    The song of fall

    Warm days, cold nights.
    Create an restless passion.... more »

  • The Song Of The Living

    The song of the living

    The song of the living, the song of the dead,... more »

  • The Tarot Cards

    The tarot cards

    I went to an old dark carnival on a hidden road outside of Sarajevo,
    I have been having a dream about a Gypsy woman. The dreams had brought me to the carnival tonight.... more »

  • Too Old To Die Young

    Almost 61 years old,
    I lived in many places and had many lives.
    Old man looking back at me in the mirror today.
    I whispered,... more »

  • Utopia Of The Pen And The Paper

    In the sixties, there was a good dream.
    We support to be working 32 hours a week and enjoying art, poetry and music by the year 2000.The Utopia dream fell apart by poor decisions and incompetent leaders.

    Utopia had become a forgotten dream and word.... more »