• A Night At The Bar

    Mother’s shop host many drunk
    A fresh morning ends in the tempting call of the evening wine
    And many a guest called
    Father was a great tapper... more »

  • Age Call

    Time torques in seconds,
    amounting seasons.
    Monday to Sunday, I count
    January to December, I wait... more »

  • Atele

    Those beautiful memories at Atele
    Lay faintly in my head
    Which has host our forefathers... more »

  • Beg Off

    The morning dew came and told
    Wait until I pass.
    Such a comfortable concede
    The offer he’d beg for... more »

  • Depressed Soul -1

    Place of resting has sorrow found in my heart
    Has not moments of laughter fled me?
    This poor vulnerable heart
    Your pain has come out as water... more »

  • Depressed Soul -2

    A loving and tender guest
    Giving rest to restless souls
    Why call you cruel for an applaud-able kiss... more »

  • Fisher At The Shore

    Fisher at the shore
    From this birth
    Men has grown but feed is rare
    Thousands a choice and... more »

  • Independence

    Independence is a time to tell of our maturity
    Time to appreciate our heroes past
    What we‘ve learnt
    From the whips and claims... more »

  • Little Door

    My door
    I’d long searched for you
    As do all my kind
    In distance of circles, we tread... more »

  • Morning

    My m’ma, you who birth me
    By the morning sunrise
    Evening thy sister
    Does raise me by sunset... more »

  • My Frugal Feast

    I spread my able wings
    Come hurrying from North to South
    Tossing up little preys
    So keen the vision... more »

  • Procreation

    What hard work!
    To sow a good seed
    Plough the ground... more »

  • Reign

    Reign! Reign! ! Reign! ! !
    Let evil reign tell the good
    Abacha, no Herbert tale tell and the lesson lost?
    Names are but good will... more »

  • Shrivelling Love

    He who is me.
    I was a million an agape,... more »

  • Smile

    The helment that makes you heavenly
    holding on to your cheeks
    Dazzles in your lips
    filled in the awe of love.... more »

  • Weeds

    Those weeds at my country side
    Has coined our nutrient
    The rodent that chew our sagging cob
    And the pest in the field... more »

  • Words

    Little words can make a mighty man cry.
    There exist truth in every lie
    As lie in every truth.
    Father told me... more »