John D. Farley Biography

POET, I'AM NOT A BLOODY POET, maybe not even a narrator, every thing I write is real time, it happened.
Brand new to Poetry and Rhyming prose, just a 'Bush' Boy at heart. My motivation started from a recent tragic event in our little patch.
Before this event I had been writing my 'little' story in narrative fashion, (http: // . I needed to express myself in a manner that WAS more AUSSIE and suited my personality. Much spoken word creeps into my vocabulary, I feel I can't change this enigma. As I commenced to rhyme I discovered many new words associations, some old english, much fun. I suppose the real basis for my ordinary poetry stems from the life I have lived, just ordinary. READ MY POEMS IN THE 'AUSSIE' RHYMING GENRE, YOU'LL HAVE MORE FUN.