POET, I'AM NOT A BLOODY POET, maybe not even a narrator, every thing I write is real time, it happened.
Brand new to Poetry and Rhyming prose, just a 'Bush' Boy at heart. My motivation started from a recent tragic event in our little patch.
Before this event I had been writing my 'little' story in narrative fashion, (http: //www.johnfarls.com) . I needed to express myself in a manner that WAS more AUSSIE and suited my personality. Much spoken word creeps into my vocabulary, I feel I can't change this enigma. As I commenced to rhyme I discovered many new words associations, some old english, much fun. I suppose the real basis for my ordinary poetry stems from the life I have lived, just ordinary. READ MY POEMS IN THE 'AUSSIE' RHYMING GENRE, YOU'LL HAVE MORE FUN.


John D. Farley Poems

The Gusunder From Downunder

On the corner of Bourke and Burton, just down from Darlo’ Station.
A steamy laundry plied its trade, the best one in the nation.

I’ve never seen so many sheets, and shirts and all the rest.... more »

Moon Bay, Ngarigo Blokes, My Special Place

Mine, Anybody's Really. Moon Bay is in us all.

What’s that bloke about this time, he must be very odd.... more »

The Bloke From Mullumbimby

You won’t know this fella, till I get on with me prose.
But I’ll tell ya this my friends, I think he’s one of those.

Now before you howl me down and question my social status.... more »

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