• sacred Flame (A Tale Of The Neanderthals) L

    The newcomers killed my woman,... more »

  • "84th Floor West Office 12 People Trapped&Quot;

    Just a simple scrap of paper, stained with his blood, dried red,
    It was picked up by a passer- by. It's author newly dead.
    The victims in the towers had been pulverized by stone.
    And now could be identified by DNA alone.... more »

  • "To The People Of Texas & All Americans In The World: &Quot;

    The blank parchment is wordlessly taunting me
    Shall I write out a Will? Or a Plea?
    The troops of Santa Anna surround us,
    Should I surrender unconditionally?... more »

  • (it Was) A Very Good Year.

    My minds image of my Ellen
    Is like a rose preserved from time.
    Or like a treasured bottle
    from a vintage year for wine.... more »

  • “sorry Charlie”

    A Dentist from Weehawken was feeling miserably;
    Depressed, down in the mouth, you know how that can be.
    Walt thought salt air would do him good and so he went to sea.
    He chartered a large fishing boat and paid a hefty fee.... more »

  • 02-03-59, That Day The Music Died

    "That'll be the day" he sang, the boy the crowd adored.
    Then he took flight from that place to go play for the Lord.

    The singers died on impact, they lay still where they were found... more »

  • 50 Years On

    Twelve thirty five
    three shots ring out.
    The Presidents been hit.
    He's dying, no doubt.... more »

  • 5-5-5-5

    The call went out
    It meant one thing.
    Death in the line of duty... more »

  • A "Friend" Named "Al"

    From the first time I encountered Al, Al became my closest friend.
    When my other buddies weren't around on Al I could depend.
    Al was always at my house or with me in my car;
    a constant presence in my life, Al wasnever very far.... more »

  • A Brewed Awakening

    4 A.M.- it’s much too early
    It’s no surprise I’m feeling surly.
    It’s cold outside and lacking light.
    It feels like the middle of the night!... more »

  • A Candle In The Window

    A candle in the window is a warm and welcome sign
    of an accommodating spirit with a thirst for the Divine.
    Our ancestors lit candles in the Ireland of our past
    To let a persecuted Padre know that there he could say Mass.... more »

  • A Certain Star

    The night is still and cold and clear
    As Christmas Day draws ever near.
    I hear the church bells start to ring
    And hear angelic Choirs sing:... more »

  • A Chance Encounter

    We met, quite by accident, at the concession stand.
    Some forty years or so have passed
    since last I was your leading man.
    Those years have dealt you kindly; Just a touch of grey.... more »

  • A Child Of Then

    I lay down on my living room floor
    Convinced that the world would end.
    A crisis off Cuba with missiles in route.
    Yes, I am a Child of Then.... more »

  • A Chord Of Silence

    When you are old like me
    The sports page isn't the first one
    That you check.... more »

  • A Cry In The Night

    A Cry in the Night

    From the courtyard far below... more »

  • A Cup Of Tea

    A cup of tea, some soda bread,
    Would you take some milk and sugar, friend?
    Sit here by the fireside
    And share with me the daylights end.... more »

  • A Dark Day Without Rain

    </>The General stood looking in the mirror
    Perfectly attired, Cap a Pied.
    He turned to me and said
    'We must not delay this, Mister Marshall.... more »

  • A Death In Greenwich Village

    It was windy that night, all those questioned agreed,
    when the woman was struck by some falling debris.
    It was here on West 12th Street, at the corner of Seventh,
    by the condo they’re building on the site of Saint Vincent’s.... more »

  • A Dented Can

    As I wander along this lonely road
    a wintry chill invades my coat.
    I need this time to mediate
    on the consequences of my vote.... more »

  • A Farewell To Brittany

    We cannot, must not, judge your act.
    We didn't share your pain.
    You've left this life on your own terms-
    How many wish the same?... more »

  • A Flower From My Mom

    It's Mother's day today and flowers, in their bright array,
    are popular gifts to give to Mom on this her special day.
    While they still thrive the air is sweet; redolent of both rain and Sun.
    Eventually their beauty fades though a Mother's beauty never does.... more »

  • A Fool For Love

    I was then but middle-aged, established in my world.
    She was a young ingenue, a lithe and lovely girl.
    she knew about the ring I wore, the promise it contained,
    but we were both the worse for drink and passions were inflamed.... more »

  • A Gift Of Time?

    James Holmes awaited news of his fate. (Would his madness be held to mitigate?
    His terrible sin, his awful crimes; Life or Death, How to decide?)
    What is Justice for multiple homicides?
    He murdered twelve and injured more; Now what would the verdict hold in store?... more »

  • A Hero Of The City

    When evil intrudes into our day
    So many are silent or turn away.
    They back away, stare at the ground
    Scarcely a hero can be found.... more »