• Blind Joy

    Crude seeing’s all our joy: could we discern
    The cold dark infinite vast where atoms burn
    —Lone suns—in flesh, our treasure and our play,... more »

  • Christmas Tree

    This seablue fir that rode the mountain storm
    Is swaddled here in splints of tin to die.
    Sofas around in chubby velvet swarm;... more »

  • Conclusion

    If what began (look far and wide) will end:
    This lava globe huddle and freeze, its core... more »

  • Days Of Our Years

    It’s brief and bright, dear children; bright and brief.
    Delight’s the lightning; the long thunder’s grief.... more »

  • Decline And Fall

    We had a city also. Hand in hand
    Wandered happy as travellers our own land.
    Murmured in turn the hearsay of each stone... more »

  • Isaiah’s Coal

    Always, he woke in those days
    With a sense of treasure,
    His heart a gayer glow
    Than his window grand with sun,... more »

  • Love Poem

    My clumsiest dear, whose hands shipwreck vases,
    At whose quick touch all glasses chip and ring,
    Whose palms are bulls in china, burs in linen,
    And have no cunning with any soft thing... more »

  • Madrigal In Time Of War

    Beside the rivers of the midnight town
    Where four-foot couples love and paupers drown,
    Shots of quick hell we took, our final kiss,... more »

  • Parting: 1940

    Not knowing in what season this again
    Not knowing when again the arms outyearning
    Nor the flung smile in eyes not knowing when... more »

  • Portrait

    Seeing in crowded restaurants the one you love... more »

  • The Young Ionia

    If you could come on the late train for
    The same walk
    Or a hushed talk by the fireplace... more »

  • Tide Turning

    Through salt marsh, grassy channel where the shark's
    A rumor &mdash lean, alongside &mdash rides out boat;... more »