• Angel

    Just to look at this angel is astounding,
    She gives me eternal shivers down my spine that shift down and give me cold feet, Her with a symmetrical spine, wings on both sides with a width far enough to make her fly beyond words,

    an out of this world, woman, making her field trip from heaven to us, then me,... more »

  • Could Be

    now even doe we aint as close as we could be
    I kno that i cant express my feelings fully
    N erbody knows da gurl dat i wanna see
    im a gentleman gurl, trust im not a bully... more »

  • Diagnosed With Love

    Now I'm this patient, feeling impatient, and my patience has been deceased like I could be, through all the time I have wasted, I have to face it that my symptons haven't been too basic: I've been weak in the knees, I've been causing to freeze, I keep forgetting my name like I have amnesia, and I've been sick like I've been in the sea, under the weather and its been hard to breathe, plus I've checked my theromometer its over 40 degrees C,

    Now I'm a little hot, my palms sweaty, nevertheless, I'm ready for that unpleasant injection of affection that seemed deadly, at first, I'm okay i guess but it could be worse, I could be invisible to the eye, but I'm glad that our eyes converse and my mouth has pupils that never disperse, my sickness has become to great to treat, my feet cant keep up the collapsing corpse-like condition that its came to and my brain isnt obselescent and oblivious to the obvious oblivion that the pain has came through,... more »

  • Fallen Angel

    ... more »

  • Feelin' You

    ... more »

  • Gurl

    hey babi can i juss talk to ya
    i kno its too late to spit game at ya
    but hold on babi let me juss tell u dis
    i can picture us chillin wit juss one kiss... more »

  • Priceless

    i kno u see me lookin ova there
    let me talk 2 u n let me get ma point clear
    i really like you n i kno dat u kno
    i thought there was no way i could let u go... more »