• A Prayer

    I asked God for strength, that I
    ...might achieve
    I was made weak, that I might learn
    ...humbly to obey...... more »

  • Achiever

    God permits His men to win,
    Just let courage reign.
    Let's hold on to prayers, friend,
    Quit not believing…... more »

  • Better Aim

    (What would you do when you'll know that the one you love was betraying you? This poem tells a girl's experience about it. Hidden Message: I've been big enough!)

    I once lost my heart and my mind,
    Love and hate did collide.... more »

  • Better Off

    Gullible.Naive.New Sprout.
    Am I all like that?
    'You're better off, ' my friends shout.
    Each step's full of doubt.... more »

  • Certainly Not Low Me

    The air's light while moon shines bright.
    I'm quite fine tonight.
    Suddenly, things ain't they seemed.
    Lights around gleam dim.... more »

  • Daydreamer

    I am on the passenger side,
    Daydreaming to the sky
    The day's bright and full of life.. then
    In a mile, I caught your sight... more »

  • Dear Little Brother

    We love yet we fight each other.
    What a tricky thing!
    But that was then and now's here.
    Quibbles went weeping.... more »

  • Discerning Contentment

    I'd go singing but I cant.
    Truly wonder why?
    I don't have might that I want!
    But why are my steps light?... more »

  • Fate

    Summer after high school, I recall
    You're beautiful, my eyes rolled
    The time we met by the low sunset,
    All things in life then went great... more »

  • Glimpse To A Passenger Seat On A Friday Night

    I'm standing there, had watched the bus
    To another town, it runs so fast
    It's a roller-coaster kinda rush,
    Picturing in mind your casted blast... more »

  • I Wish

    Hardships have hit you thru time,
    But still you seemed fine.
    The ring in your finger shines.
    You're strong all the while.... more »

  • In This Year's Lent

    The story starts while summer,
    When I got back here.
    I used to be having fears;
    Now it's crystal-clear…... more »

  • Inspired

    My classmate for two years time,
    Ordinary guy…
    But now something in his eyes,
    Makes me feel inspired!... more »

  • It Seems

    The sun and moon do high-five
    Whenever we meet,
    Frozen I would be in time.
    This I must admit.... more »

  • Live Your Life

    Real peace inside eludes me.
    Think I'm gonna break.
    I see myself not as me,
    Always have been weak.... more »

  • My Inspiration

    I knew it when I saw you,
    And I call it fate.
    In this one-way street, we met.
    Everything feels great.... more »

  • My Lost Pearl

    Things went wrong as they sometimes will,
    ___Though my own path turned not uphill.
    When life's twists and turns make you dropp tears,
    ___Rest if you must; but be still a pearl.... more »

  • My Most Important Things

    You don't mean everything to me anymore
    Not like the way it was ever before
    Talk to the tears dropping on the floor
    And tell me what you find and what's it for.... more »

  • Never A Clean Break

    (This poem is from my dear friend's experience with her ex-boyfriend about their break-up, and she asked me to make a poem about it. She admits that her days were empty and incomplete without him although the love in between them seemed too lost to find again.)

    In the heat of the fight, I walked away
    No use defending words you'd never say... more »

  • New Day

    A run-in with bro happened.
    Hurting words were said.
    I'd cast a smile spell in the wind.
    Hoping peace to reign.... more »

  • Outdid

    Down this road while we're walking,
    Passing by them mean men,
    I can't believe my two eyes -
    You held your head your high.... more »

  • Present

    The rain outside now hides the stars.
    This evening's in stark.
    It's quite heavy atmosphere,
    How I wish you're here.... more »

  • Somewhere In Southern Leyte

    Somewhere in Southern Leyte
    Where a happy family stays,
    They're there for more than decade;
    Love in between can't fade.... more »

  • Taking Step

    Like this brisk, mountain air's hymn,
    And sun's warm greetings,
    With each night's clear skies,
    May my brilliant past remain,... more »

  • The Diffident Child

    I noticed the difference
    Of how he just feels.
    Something in his eyes twinkled,
    When Superman waved.... more »