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Love Letter #2


I just can’t describe in words the way that you make me feel. It is truly like a supernatural force brought us together. I choose to call this force God.
I never once felt this way before. And I know it is truth.... more »

December's First

The cold blue sky reflected off the oceans icy mass. Another day had just begun. The calmness of the water acted as a mirror. From the end of the boardwalk, I stared down into the water and counted the constellations that I could find. I stood alone wishing that I was not. Shortly thereafter, the tranquility of the moment was breached, when the northern sky blew a large gust of Decembers first wind. The icy chill numbed my cheeks and watered my eyes. But then it was quickly gone. I felt at peace with myself and I had a silent knowing that I was not alone at all. Then I lifted my head and looked into the sky. I smiled and thanked God.... more »

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