• December's First

    The cold blue sky reflected off the oceans icy mass. Another day had just begun. The calmness of the water acted as a mirror. From the end of the boardwalk, I stared down into the water and counted the constellations that I could find. I stood alone wishing that I was not. Shortly thereafter, the tranquility of the moment was breached, when the northern sky blew a large gust of Decembers first wind. The icy chill numbed my cheeks and watered my eyes. But then it was quickly gone. I felt at peace with myself and I had a silent knowing that I was not alone at all. Then I lifted my head and looked into the sky. I smiled and thanked God.... more »

  • Dry Drunk

    Love is like a proverb that originated
    Somewhere on north Buchanan street.
    I sit and get high
    On the old man’s smoldering cigarette,... more »

  • Letter To My Addiction

    ... more »

  • Love Letter #1

    The sunshine that filled the mornings sky was like a breath of fresh air sent from God…To remind me that brighter days are NOW here. And that my perception of this light and life will determine the quality of what I call living. As my face is radiantly warmed by the touch of God’s hand, thoughts of an unconditional love strengthen my heart and move my soul. And I think of you…my love…My soul’s match…made in heaven above., Whose name is imprinted on my heart.

    I have never loved anyone as much as I do you. And I have never felt so strongly about two people being together as I do about you and I.... more »

  • Love Letter #2


    I just can’t describe in words the way that you make me feel. It is truly like a supernatural force brought us together. I choose to call this force God.
    I never once felt this way before. And I know it is truth.... more »

  • Poem To Jody

    Every single prayer that I prayed with you,
    sent me to a heaven I never ever knew.

    You holding my hand and standing beside of me,... more »

  • Starting Over

    They saved my soul…
    and deleted my life.
    Now I’m here,
    but where’s my wife?... more »

  • Talk With God

    This morning I spoke to God. I told him about my love for you and about my dream of having you as my wife. He listened to me and felt the words that I spoke. Without speaking, he answered me.
    This all came to me in a dream that I dreamt while awake.
    (The sky darkened. Lightening larger than life momentarily split the blackness with a deafening crash. Then all I could hear was the low sound of thunder rolling off the tip of the sky.)
    God confirmed the dysfunctional relationship you were in and the abuse and destructive pain that your soul endured.... more »