• A Poet's Atlantis

    Away! away! we will sail the sea,
    To find some sweet and flowery isle,
    In the waste of waters, far and free... more »

  • Ellen Mar

    It was the spring-time of the year,
    When flowers were budding new,
    And smiled like fond and trembling hopes,... more »

  • Faery Land

    O! Had I an enchanter's wand,
    And could con the words of potent spell,
    I would hie away to the dreamy land... more »

  • Scotland

    Old Scotland, thou art waste and wild,
    And cold the sky above thee;
    Yet I have loved thee from a child,... more »

  • The Fair Summer Flowers

    The fair summer flowers
    Are faded and flown,
    The leaves of the bowers... more »

  • The Home-Sick Heart

    How fondly loves the home-sick heart
    To ponder o'er the past,
    And pines for scenes then far apart,
    To dwell- to die at last;... more »

  • The Moon Shone Calmly Bright

    The moon shone calmly bright
    Upon the slumb'ring scene,
    Ten thousand stars shone out that night,
    Around their placid queen;... more »

  • The Shades of Eve are Falling

    The shades of eve are falling
    On sunset's rosy air,
    The convent bell is calling... more »

  • To Sea

    To sea! to sea! and give the gale,
    My jovial freres, the bending sail,
    And shape our course through foam and spray,
    To other shores- away! away!... more »

  • Young Mary

    Young Mary by the burn,
    O lo'ed her o'er them a'!
    But Mary by the burn... more »