Well not much has changed since my last post in 2008 expect i tried again with love should of seen everything coming but i guess i was blindsided with all the stress lately and the happy moments with the birth of my son jack in 2010 probly going to put up a few poems soon it helps to get things out of your mind and on paper... you know what i mean


John Krysinski Poems

Part Of Me Died

I love to cause myself physical pain
the pain i feel overrides my brain
i forget the pain in my heart
the pain that slowly rips me apart... more »

It's You I Love It's Your Love I Miss

It's been hours now just laying in bed
Almost time to get up for work but only your in my head
I'm laughing at myself for wishing for the same fantasy
Of you finally choosing you really want to be with me... more »

Everybody Dies

my life really isnt that bad....
who am i kidding defintly not me
i try my hardest to be the best
but no one cares to look and see... more »

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