• 3 Trees

    Down by the North Canadian south of Route 66
    Sunset memories in my soul come flooding back
    Glorious colors, from deep turquoise to hot pink
    Fill the western sky while the wild ducks quack... more »

  • 4 Lights

    On a the distance horizon there are 4 lights
    Maybe farmsteads that dot the country side
    With special lights to bathe the horse barns
    Maybe only lights which help serve as a guide... more »

  • 88 And Oil

    Cattywumpus from the Cimarron River is Loyal
    A place to take a afternoon drive in any season
    But when it is time for Marion's 88th Birthday
    It becomes a very special drive with a reason... more »

  • A Wind Touched Sunrise

    When possble start the day with a winter time sunrise
    Then toss in a few WindTouched horses as a surprise
    And then turn on the radio for some Mustang Sally
    Then continue on down the road for your sunrise rally... more »

  • Algebra Equation

    My Grandpa taught me:

    Don't worry about the future.
    But know that worrying is as effective... more »

  • Always Available

    Some red dirt cowboys know how to cook beans
    All red dirt cowboys know how to rope and tie
    Some red dirt cowboys can even make a quilt
    But one thing they won't ever do is say good-bye... more »

  • Amish School

    Step back in time to when walking to school
    Was filled with activities and many a new thrill
    Like seeing a new born calf or a baby colt,
    Maybe even hearing a song by a whippoorwill... more »

  • Another Cold Day

    Listen very closely and hear the crunch
    Maybe a lonely horse slighty distressed
    When there is cold as far as you can feel
    Photos tell that country is not at its best... more »

  • Auld Lang Syne

    Cold and snow mark the arrival of 2002
    Auld Lang Syne is the song of the season
    But now it is the time to start the journey
    To find those places which have a reason... more »

  • Azalea

    Perfect beauty everywhere
    Country walks with pleasure
    Great places to smell spring
    To build a memory treasure... more »

  • Become More Tall

    There is much to learn from a Red Dirt sunset
    They are many visual rewards for one and all
    When you walk a lake side with many flowers
    Peace surrounds you as you become more tall... more »

  • Beginning Today

    I will no longer worry about tomorrow.
    Tomorrow will always be there,
    Waiting for me to make the most of it.
    But I cannot make the most of tomorrow... more »

  • Being An Okie

    One of our nations best kept secrets
    Is the advantage of an Okie lifestyle
    A place where life can be rewarding
    Where everyone has reason to smile... more »

  • Big Fish

    My dream was to catch a big fish
    Uncle Harold said fish when its dark
    So out of my warm bed I would hop
    And fishing became my trademark... more »

  • Big Sky Fishing

    Listen very closely and hear that distant splash
    Maybe just a big catfish moving out of his nest
    When the golden rays of a sunrise hit the water
    Time to pull one in because it's fishing at its best... more »

  • Brahma Bull

    In the quiet countryside by the North Canadian
    A group of cattle wait for feed with anticipation
    While the calendar says it is only early January
    Soon there will be change in this cow population... more »

  • Bring Back Spring

    Time to let the beauty of spring begin
    More photo op’s filled with pleasure
    A time to stop and smell the flowers
    Each encounter is always a treasure... more »

  • Brown Among The Green

    Down on the North Canadian south of Route 66
    Sunset memories for the soul is the usual scene
    Glorious colors, from deep turquoise to hot pink
    A place where there is brown among the green... more »

  • Buffalo Country

    When I see a herd of buffalos roam wild and free
    That experience always makes me jump with glee
    But now I am traveling on a very warm winter day
    And therefore there is no extra time for me to play... more »

  • Buffalo In Mt. Scott

    More slowly they moved over familiar ground
    As if they knew they were homeward bound
    There was a certain feeling in the cold still air
    As all those who watched knew it was not fair... more »

  • Building A wall

    What this world needs is more bricklayers
    With red dirt spirit and innovative skills
    Who build masterpieces as walls of stone
    And leave for me their simplest of thrills... more »

  • Can You Hear Me

    We all look forward to winter time
    Where cold and snow is in season
    Perfect time to travel back roads
    Assuming we ever need a reason... more »

  • Capitol Christmas Trees

    Christmas trees and stlll more green Christmas trees
    The Capitol is the place to visit in the Holiday Season
    But now it is time for this red dirt back road traveler
    To hit that short trail down I-40 to my Yukon home.... more »

  • Car In Wheat Field

    The power of F-5 is so hard to comprehend
    Like finding wrecked cars on wheat ground
    So next time you travel down a paved road
    Imagine a wind blowing concrete all around... more »

  • Carpe Diem

    Ever so slowly the great wheel of life turns
    Mother Earth smiles as we all scurry about
    Searching for this and that
    But what is it that we want….... more »