• Ode To John Mccornack

    Now John McCornack is a great friend of mine
    And when we're together I have a fun time.

    In Washita County I'm sure he was born... more »

  • Oil Well Roads

    Many oil well roads go across country
    To places where very few people tread
    It is where untamed beauty has spread
    But now I must hit the trail back home... more »

  • Oklahoma

    The Governor’s Mansion at Christmas Time
    Is filled with joy, flowers, and Peace on Earth
    The Red Poinsettias glow with a special pride
    And the Christmas tree gives us all a rebirth... more »

  • Oklahoma City University

    A University with Church ties
    Chances to study night or day
    Great time to better one's self
    Places for any student to stay... more »

  • Oklahoma Homesteaders I

    Ever so slowly the great wheel of life continues to turn
    Oklahoma became the home for many types of people
    There were displaced Indians from many eastern states
    Blacks from the southern states looking for a new start... more »

  • Oklahoma Homesteaders Ii

    Slowly that great wheel of our life continues to turn
    As somewhere a sunrise or sunset continues to burn
    While pioneers searched for ways to reduce stress
    Creating ways to build homes and barns with less... more »

  • Oklahoma University

    Next to Norman is Oklahoma University
    A special place to visit in football season
    But beauty extends beyond football fields
    It can become a great tour with a reason... more »

  • Old Glory

    From Cowden to Gotebo and on to Cordell
    Desolate old farmsteads dot the country side
    A special place where buffaloes used to roam
    Now it is a great place to dream and joyride... more »

  • On The Bright Side

    Maybe the Ice Gods were just angry
    Many trees hurt.... such a bad deed
    As nothing sacred seemed to be safe
    A pain which we all seemed to bleed... more »

  • One More Mile

    Give me the strength to travel one more mile
    To out in the country where people still farm
    To where there is still a sense of community
    With wheat fields, horses, plus many a barn... more »

  • Open Up The Gate

    Ice and snow mark the arrival of this new year
    But my car is filled with gasoline. What a thrill
    So I am anxiously awaiting to start my journey
    Now I must find a red dirt road and go over the hill... more »

  • Orange Gate

    Up against a dull unpainted barn
    Stands a simple new orange gate
    A visual sign that life still exists
    A chance for this barn to radiate... more »

  • Our Red Dirt Road

    ... more »

  • Out Of The Box

    It is rewarding and interesting
    When I start thinking this way
    When I get outside of the box
    I always have a wonderful day... more »

  • Peaceful Clouds

    Pushing ever upward with various colors
    Up there where the wind is always breezy
    Clouds take all sorts of strange formation
    Peaceful clouds being created rather easy... more »

  • Pole Windmills

    Windmills come in all sizes and configurations
    From wood towers, to metal construction
    Both can bring much peace and excitement
    But the dreaded pole was a bad introduction... more »

  • Raging Sunsets

    Maybe the Sunset Gods are angry
    Windmills destroyed... a bad deed
    As nothing sacred seems to be safe
    From man's hot pursuit to succeed... more »

  • Rain

    Aren’t you coming back..
    A rain already here.
    Please don`t let me alone with a rain...... more »

  • Rainy Mountain

    Step back in time.. See the 1909 Football Team
    Look into faces and see how they used to dream
    Kiowas and early Pioneers on the same porch
    For these are the people who carried the torch... more »

  • Rambo

    Rambo's great-grandfather was the Biggest and
    Toughest animal on four legs to walk in the west
    With horns so long that birds flew horn to horn
    Distances so great they sometimes needed a rest... more »

  • Red Dirt Cowgirl

    Nature grows the weeds and grasses
    The wind whips the horse's mane.
    They travel, horse and a pretty cowgirl
    Through a land that starts with Maine... more »

  • Red Dirt Cows

    Inquisitive cows in a red dirt pasture with a train car
    It is a special sight to enjoy even when you travel far
    It seems almost like going home for I have been told
    Therefore will continue to travel on this red dirt road... more »

  • Red Dirt Elephants

    When I was little kid at Cloud Chief at a time before yore
    I use to sit around the pot belly stove at the country store
    The conversation sometimes would end up with elephants
    Usually with some wild tales from most of the participants... more »

  • Red Dirt Marriages

    Getting married on red dirt can be a real treat
    But sometimes care must used to beat the heat
    Before air conditioners when I was to marry
    Thermometer at 112 did not allow time to tarry... more »

  • Red Tones

    My country time starts west of Yukon
    As natural colors covers the western sky
    I love to drive on the many back roads 
    Especially when those red tones intensify... more »