• A Fishermans Tale

    If you want to catch fish
    and you are making that wish
    Take a trip to a bridge or a dock
    and there you will find... more »

  • Daughter

    always and forever, through
    accomplishment and failure,
    whether close or far,
    good feelings and bad,... more »

  • Legacy

    I dreamed I took you flying
    last night,
    without a plane.
    Your friends were intrigued,... more »

  • Salmon Highway

    ... more »

  • Steelhead Valentine (By Elizabeth Carothers Herron?)

    Every year on Valentine's Day I celebrate the return of the steelhead,
    Oncorhynchus mykiss (their species name) . Mykiss-what could be more perfect?

    Whether the run is late or early, on Valentine's Day they are always in the... more »