John Nanashi Trowa Barton Biography

I'm a young folk
Some of the time i'll choke
I dont like to type properly, sorry
I seem to write sad things that really moved me
I wrote one poem accompanied by two notes that werent legible for the tear stains i put on them im very moving and my life seems very sad and bad compared to others.
The only thing i think i really have left is to write and maybe become rich thanks to poem hunters.
I have no association to any type of editor or assistance to help me with this writing except for the internet which i use to check spelling and sometimes find synonyms to help better my poems.
I love to write so i may have large amounts of poems, if i dont it is because of my school work and for that i apologize too. If any of you think something of me let someone know of me please i really do want to become a famous poet or a famous lawyer some day.

'For now I'll live with this, Nothing'
-John Nanashi Trowa Barton

By the way my real name is John(no need for a last name unless im famous)