• Appreciation Of Love

    I tried everything,
    To show them that I love them,
    To care for them that I won’t hurt them,
    I’ll do anything to show my appreciation of love.... more »

  • Dad

    Being a Dad are wonderful,
    too little understood,
    and no one sing our praises,
    as often as they should.... more »

  • Dear Ginger

    With a loving glance or a tender kiss,
    you make my worries disappear.
    Warm thoughts of you surround me,
    and always keep you near.... more »

  • Dreams Of Heavenly Flight

    I dreamed of air
    around me so still,
    I dreamed of being aloft
    over the mountains' chill.... more »

  • Pain

    What is this thing that is building inside me,
    why do I have a painful response?

    I need to know why this painful,... more »

  • Peace Of Mind

    Everyone is special in his/her own way,
    each of us having our own part to play.
    Yet, it’s not like acting out some role,
    we have a gift that’s all our own,... more »

  • Sleepless Night

    When I lay and think, in my bed at night,
    it seems like nothing is going right.
    I toss and I turn and thinking about my future,
    wondering if my dream can come true.... more »

  • Son Love For Mama

    What you taught will never be forgotten,
    you gave me life and the strength to live.
    You watched me grow,
    and expect me to following each example that you lived through or better.... more »