I am a countryman by nature.With my retriever I am in the country most days. Living in a small market town in Shropshire UK

I have been writing free verse since 1970 I am a singer of plainsong and Gregorian chant, which has significantly influenced my poetry.
I have published a book of poems'A stirring in the Air'with photographs by Tom Scot, a grandson, it is being sold on Ebay by SHINE, the charity which cares for those with spinabifida.


John Rickell Poems

Breathe Deep The Midnight Air

Breathe deep the midnight air
It is late and time, well spent,
proceeds its way to night
star-lit sky no moon to... more »

Sculptor The

If I could sculpt my love,
search for finest porphry,
I would spend my life and carve
fit for Rome or Athens to rival... more »


The Long Mynd heather laden high above the Shropshire plain
awesome in its beauty; fearsome solitude when winds blow;
walkers with two sticks, packs upon their backs
climb green hills to gain the top.... more »

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