• Automan

    I stumble through robotic tasks,
    an automan, a soul-less droid.
    I switch between the diff'rent masks,
    which hide the empty shell – devoid... more »

  • Blinkered

    He rides the rocky road to ruin,
    not bothered by regret;
    so blind to his impending doom,
    oblivious as yet,... more »

  • First Kiss

    He dances with his shadow like a youthful Fred Astaire,
    such symbiotic harmony, they make a perfect pair.
    No footfalls can be heard around about them as they move,
    through empty evening streets, they waltz to beats of true love's groove.... more »

  • Lightened By My Load

    The fuel of my ambition feeds a fire that drives me on,
    Un-tempered by suggestions that somehow I don't belong.
    Society will tell me that I am a lesser man,
    For not adhering blindly to the corp'rate master plan.... more »

  • Mercury Drops

    The mercury drops
    and ice forms on words
    perched on the tip
    of his apologetic tongue... more »

  • Pressure

    I feel pressure suddenly.

    It must be the weight,
    of the recognition I have gained... more »

  • Rainbow Flickers

    Morning breaks.
    Shafts of rainbow's light
    flood the stained windows
    of last week's existence.... more »

  • The Peacock In Me

    I preen my feathers
    in self-congratulatory glee;
    awash with the greatness
    of my achievements,... more »

  • Verbal Tapestry

    Such tapestries of magic wrought
    by masters of their chosen art;
    whose measured worth cannot be bought.... more »