• A Poem

    I cradle the travelers in their windy Birth,
    My name is Mother....Mother Earth.

    I Give them a bed in nature to lie,... more »

  • Age

    I taste a chocolate broth run down my throat
    Ensure I thought with awe
    Damn I said to myself
    Put me in another boat... more »

  • All Natural

    Like the odor of a newborn puppy
    Mothers kisses when your sad
    Snow in the winter
    Your old car getting rusty... more »

  • Allegiiance

    I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of America
    One nation under god with liberty and justice for all.

    I pledge to my my Mom an orphan... more »

  • Alligator Mouth

    Some nutria have dodged us'
    Ate a poodle in sixty three
    Tadpoles are like tapioca
    They are little but free... more »

  • Amazon

    Let us live our lives in peace
    With our daughters sons and wives

    Burn your firewood to stay warm... more »

  • Amber

    Amber I must rest
    Life is fleeting at its best

    You made my life simple... more »

  • An Average Poem

    It was at the railroad station where I met her
    She was run over and almost dead

    I wiped the blood from her forhead... more »

  • Arachnid

    A little spider took up a corner in my room
    I looked him over with awe then with gloom

    Little friend, how will you survive without food?
    Without a mate or something to sate your hunger... more »

  • Arachnid Two

    If a spider I would feed you my girl
    Something spicy from natures grill

    Your bigger and better than me
    Bigger is better for a man you see... more »

  • As I

    As I wander through this life
    I wonder
    As I grow older and bolder a brazen soldier
    I quake... more »

  • Be A Poet

    we know when a rhyme
    comes just in time

    So give me the time... more »

  • Because There Was A Kickoff

    I lost my punter
    My end zone was unknown

    Tight ends got as loose as my mind.
    I was challenged for the play... more »

  • Best Test

    How to live your life?
    Or, how to leave your wife.
    Living the nine lives
    And counting down.... more »

  • Beyond My Blue Eyes

    There is a sea of sorrows
    It is always stormy and rough
    Many strange creatures live there
    Like needle fish with morphine like venom... more »

  • Bird Food

    I was sitting on a bale of hay
    A blue jay flew my way

    Robins did their bobbing worm stab... more »

  • Blood Let

    I shivered in an alley in a country so strange
    He ripped out the throats of those deranged

    Blood flowed to rivers full of life... more »

  • Blossomed Love

    Someone once said
    We love to the sense of madness
    On one hand we grope it
    On the other we hope it... more »

  • Blunt Force

    They told me to relax and it would be easy.
    I tried to let the moment flow.

    My vein, they said was small.... more »

  • Bright

    Not drinking and driving
    not shucking and jiving
    Aware with your mind
    you body will find... more »

  • Broken Promises

    Like a napalm ravaged jungle
    Black and smoking in my mind
    Not a scrap left for even a vulture
    Though it searches but cannot find... more »

  • Busted

    I like living, inside boxes, warm each day I snoozed away.
    Never relenting to sundown, the cold weather made me quake.
    But I never complained, about the snow, sleet or rain.
    Then thunder was heard, and darkness deep, I have begun to shake.... more »

  • Butterfly

    I saw a butterfly kiss a bloom
    I saw love and life on the fly

    I then saw a cat eat a mouse... more »

  • Cents

    Pennies from heaven
    Was a song long ago

    We see them in streets... more »

  • Chimes

    i am living here on the eaves
    not on the eve of destruction

    should I sing or should I swing... more »