• Bob’s Wedding Poem


    Marriage is a state of mind,
    Reason clear, intent in kind.... more »

  • Hey Buddy

    Buddy Blue visits, of an afternoon.
    He flits from picket to picket
    before darting to the blade.
    To snack?... more »

  • History Rhymes

    History Rhymes John W. Stetson

    O, but that the Master Poet would grant this rhyming couplet.... more »

  • Huggin' & Bumpin' & Shakin'

    Are we huggin' or bumpin' or shakin'
    There's a pox on me if I'm mistakin'
    I don't want to leave you there quakin'
    If we're huggin' or bumpin' or shakin', huggin' or bumpin' or shakin'... more »

  • I Did Not Sing Today

    I did not sing today.
    I walked long,
    But there was no song
    As I went about my way.... more »

  • Sojourner

    Song for an estranged daughter 02/04/14 13: 10

    The lone wolf is a myth we see because we want to see it
    The island is a mystery because we want to be it... more »

  • The Cave

    O, the language of caves is silence.
    It's a tongue that everyone knows.
    Cause when the soul's empty, a shout can't get out
    Of the Cave of Winds That Can't Blow.... more »

  • The Gift

    I gave what I thought was a gift, still it remains unacknowledged.
    It might have started a rift, but I left it unfollowed.
    But not all the wisdom of age is sage, some is sanguine.
    Not all perspective has merit, some should suffer abandon.... more »

  • The Great Food Panic Of 2020

    We headed to the corner store for more
    Of what we thought we needed more
    Of what we thought we needed for... more »

  • The Reynolds Library

    Poetry society meeting exercise 05/08/08

    In the small town up the road from the farm where I grew up,
    the library was in the town hall,... more »

  • The Scissor Tale

    The Scissor Tale
    John W. Stetson
    04/19/2018: 40... more »

  • What Ho!

    It’s Christmas. I’m late! 12/29/04

    What Ho! It’s Christmas and time to regale.
    We gather together with gifts from the Sale!... more »