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very nice poems, well done, thanks, all the best that is what we are expecting from a good poet such as you dear friend
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We would welcome poets to celebrate the importance of Mother Earth, Nature and Sustainability by submitting a poem or even a presentation for the 4th Conference on Human Development in Asia held in Hiroshima, Japan on the weekend of April 29-30,2017 Visit http: // for details.
find your poems deep and intense it identify with the eternity i feel inside me...
excellent poems. you are great in explaining your feels. i invite you to read my poem
a nice poem john, love to see you, hope sometimes we could talk about that poem, bravo
nice poems, they inspire me much
beautiful poem, John...I becam member here only for reading your verses...good, now I look for the haiku
Wonderfully enlightening poetry portraying many different aspects of life, A real joy to read and be inspired by.Thank you.
john, i´ll read more of your works, I really deserve it! you´re excellent! that part of blood means that I´m a woman at first place, but it may also mean a metaphor in terms of that biblical passage when Jesus had ben sweating blood under the Oliver Tree Mount... It´s can represent the pain felt by the humanity. Thanks for commenting! Warmly, Sílvia