• Beneath A Mountain's Brow

    "Beneath a mountain's brow, the most remote
    And inaccessible by Shepherds trod,
    In a deep cave, dug by no mortals hands
    An Hermit lived,--a melancholy man... more »

  • M'Fingal - Canto I

    When Yankies, skill'd in martial rule,
    First put the British troops to school;
    Instructed them in warlike trade,
    And new manoeuvres of parade,... more »

  • M'Fingal - Canto Ii

    The Sun, who never stops to dine,
    Two hours had pass'd the mid-way line,
    And driving at his usual rate,
    Lash'd on his downward car of state.... more »

  • M'Fingal - Canto Iii

    Now warm with ministerial ire,
    Fierce sallied forth our loyal 'Squire,
    And on his striding steps attends
    His desperate clan of Tory friends.... more »

  • M'Fingal - Canto Iv

    Now Night came down, and rose full soon
    That patroness of rogues, the Moon;
    Beneath whose kind protecting ray,
    Wolves, brute and human, prowl for prey.... more »

  • The Country Clown

    Bred in distant woods, the clown
    Brings all his country airs to town;
    The odd address, with awkward grace,
    That bows with half-averted face;... more »

  • The Owl And The Sparrow

    In elder days, in Saturn's prime,
    Ere baldness seized the head of Time,
    While truant Jove, in infant pride,
    Play'd barefoot on Olympus' side,... more »

  • To A Young Lady

    In vain, fair Maid, you ask in vain,
    My pen should try th' advent'rous strain,
    And following truth's unalter'd law,
    Attempt your character to draw.... more »

  • To Ladies Of A Certain Age

    Ye ancient Maids, who ne'er must prove
    The early joys of youth and love,
    Whose names grim Fate (to whom 'twas given,
    When marriages were made in heaven)... more »