• Bridges

    Where I once was, I long to be again.
    Where I felt so free,
    and I liked being me,
    and I knew how it felt to have a friend.... more »

  • Ease My Mind

    my mind-tell me I'm safe.
    Free me...hold my hand. The shake remains a shake and peace is not conceived.
    I'm tired of walking into stone walls-dead ends of life.
    Feel the ends of my life. It's plain to see I'm chasing me.... more »

  • Houdini Anxiety Syndrome

    I can't settle.
    I either float to the top or sink
    to the bottom, but I cannot stay in
    one place or another for very long.... more »

  • It's Not True

    So many thoughts have passed this way before,
    but I have not allowed them to invade my door.
    So why do they persist in coming back for more
    when my mind is closed and I am not receiving.... more »

  • Last Chance For Love

    Love is not my mind nor motion. Love has left me standing cold.
    Love has not been kind or pleasing. Love will watch me growing old.

    Hate has been my sole redemption. Hate and I have made good friends.... more »

  • No Family Ties

    No family ties to make me stay,
    no personal connections.
    No links to past times slow me down,
    or give pause for reflection.... more »

  • The Long Tour

    Found a lot to drink-
    Found a lot to smoke-
    Found a lot to pop-
    and only a year to go.... more »

  • The Wind

    I am left alone.
    My thoughts cannot be shared with a void.
    Thoughts need to be expressed, known, felt, shared, spoken, understood.
    Do you speak to the walls-to the floors-to the open door?... more »

  • Two Hearts Beating

    2 hearts happy
    2 hearts beating
    1 heart loving
    1 repeating... more »

  • Weather Watch

    Sky's all funky, dark and cloudy,
    thunderstormy weather brewin'.
    Deep insidey, house all warmy,
    coffee 'n cakes're what I'm doin'.... more »