• Church Poem

    I’m a gospel arsonist,

    My holy flame burns so bright it shakes the pillars of the unworthy,... more »

  • Fantastic Freak

    ... more »

  • Had A Fight With God

    I was heated that day
    There was so much anger and pain builded up in side me
    Then god appeared in my mind
    With a fiery voice I said... more »

  • Its Not Over

    No more Crying
    No more Fighting
    No more Criticizing
    Because I'm gonna change... more »

  • Just Me

    My words are unique in every shape and form

    Maybe that’s why turtles come to shore to see me perform... more »

  • Let Me Love You

    Baby let me love you until the sun comes up
    baby let me love you
    until the world stops going round and round
    I’ll love you so good... more »

  • Mama

    My mama breaths through me
    like the taste of ever-lasting sweet nectar from out of a tree
    our minds are one
    she is my matrix... more »

  • Mr. Fantastic

    They call me Mr. Fantastic for my words are ever lasting.
    They can wrap around your mind
    Make you thing and make you realize that my words are
    Permanent... more »

  • My Poetry

    My poetry has taken me far and be on
    when i was a kid
    i had nobody to look up to
    only but God... more »

  • The Freak In Me

    When I look that you
    I can paint a perfect picture
    You and me
    making love under the forbidden tree making sweet poetry... more »

  • The Gun Is In My Hand

    ... more »

  • True Love

    ... more »