• 5 Years Ago & 5 Years Later

    At the table served as a desk
    He who listened to me
    while I was explaining the praxis
    with glitter in his eyes... more »

  • A Comb

    ... more »

  • Be-Lie-F

    ... more »

  • Crystal-Like You

    (for my dream girl)

    I am attached to Irish diamond
    because everytime I see it... more »

  • Dark Sides

    They are ghosts
    They are evil

    They follow you walking the night... more »

  • For My Dear Friend

    it's for you, my dear friend
    I've no idea how to explain
    just listen and hear me saying... more »

  • For Stone

    (It's for you, my dear brother
    I appreciate that you share you life with me
    Life is always like this, a tide, sometimes high, sometimes low.
    sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet.Just take it!)... more »

  • Happy New Year

    this piece is for you who's reading it
    and hope you will like it

    today is the end of 2007... more »

  • Massacre In The Mall

    one day, on wednesday,
    nothing strange, nothing unusual
    hustle and bustle
    habitual shoppers crowded on the go... more »

  • Meditation In The Dead Of Night

    being a Rover & wanderer
    I have no where to dwell
    stopping in front of a well
    leaves fall in autumn... more »

  • No War No More

    light, light as a paper
    light, started to scatter
    light, started to die out and he so scared
    It was nightmare, he couldn't bear... more »

  • Shape Of Missing

    I saw your face in the dream
    and you in the leaving
    On the path outside the old fence
    are you steps' outline to no end... more »

  • The Budhi Saying

    A Fresh love song was heard
    on the road of sand to nowhere
    I reclined myself fall
    as drunk as a lord... more »

  • The Eternal

    minute by minute
    the clock is ticking
    on the plane of circle
    time is spinning around... more »

  • The Flower Of Evil

    the night was freezingly cold
    i couldn't smell the daffodil
    hair stands on end I started to trembled
    both body and soul... more »

  • Whys

    (yesterday a friend told me she was really sad, or mad to be exact, because her boy friend had another girl. You must know, as a traditional Chinese girl, it is really hard for her to accept. She asked me what to do.And I thought if I were her, I would......Acutually, I have
    no idea. Maybe I would say it's over and leave..... Instead of figuring a way out for her, I just write this peom. Yeah, a peom, if it can be called a peom.)... more »

  • You Are The One (Sonnet)

    you are the one, together
    I pretend to ignore
    you are the one, not here
    I try to seek for... more »