• A World So Far

    Honey sweet notes
    drift in,
    drift out
    banish the bitter taste in my mouth.... more »

  • Another Ghost

    ... more »

  • Costume

    he threw it on everyday
    before entering the stage
    It was a simple character
    he was trying to portray.... more »

  • Dear Jesus

    They say I'm not allowed to know you
    because my so called sins
    (you, personally, never said that right?)
    are different than theirs.... more »

  • Ghost

    A restless spirit,
    a wandering ghost
    memories from lifetimes ago
    and unfinished business... more »

  • He Is Tragic

    Do you notice,
    how he still searches for you,
    how his eyes wander over the crowd
    looking for the one he loves?... more »

  • Ice Your Blood, Crystal Your Heart

    I would lie awake
    reading your lies in the dead of night
    over and over
    'til dawns subtle light... more »

  • Inanimate Object (I.E. Me)

    I am inanimate.
    My face is diamond, beautiful but cold.... more »

  • Love And Time

    Love and Time

    are the worst of enemies
    Where one lingers... more »

  • Music

    Moving through the soul
    weaving it's way around my essence
    all that lies within... more »

  • My Addiction

    You're like a drug
    a dangerous addiction
    make me feel something's real
    when I know its only fiction.... more »

  • One That Got Away

    Hope is gone
    I try to be strong
    But it feels so wrong
    to let it all go... more »

  • Perfect World

    I wait
    for the day

    when no one kills... more »

  • Remains

    All that I loved you with has died
    and I loved you with all the light I had inside
    where once brilliant colors lay
    (vibrant,... more »

  • Sometimes...

    Sometimes moving on
    doesn't mean forgetting the feelings...

    Sometimes it means... more »

  • Thank You

    For breaking me down,
    for cutting me open,
    for digging in the knife
    as you whispered in your goddess smooth voice... more »

  • The End

    I've been living in the past
    for far too long,
    been thinking about you,
    been singing our songs...... more »

  • Too Much For Words

    Poetry doesn't always help
    communicate your pain
    sometimes...... more »

  • When You Look At Me

    what do you see?
    Do you see my smile?... more »

  • Wind

    He felt it
    tugging at him
    trying so hard... more »

  • You Never

    Your eyes...
    they never search for me.

    Your lips...... more »