Dark Poet, novelist, conceptual artist, painter, theorist, loner, anti-romantic. I want to destroy everything but it's a race with existence to see who will be the first to reach infinite oblivion.


Johnny Noir Poems

Biblical Logic

Biblical logic has it that form emerged out of chaos
Before creation began and how could it be otherwise—
A creator who saw his own reflection in the deep
Mistook that reflection for another creator and started a war... more »

Reasons For War

Your' stocking tops & black seams
Seem to be the only thing I think about,
Why must it be that way?
Why can’t I get you out of my mind?... more »

The Poet & The Porn Star

Niggers with big dicks raping plastic dolls in a bizarre fetish ritual,
A thousand streaming banners for the vintage model,
Dreaming in lace surround-sound
Of mother's pretty white pussy walking an infinite road—... more »

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Melissa Hatrak 05 Jun 2018 02:08
Will read these with interest.