• A Cat In The Rain

    There's nothing so sad
    as a cat in the rain
    in front of a cheap hotel
    waiting for his crackhead... more »

  • Act I, Scene I, From The Gunmen

    A single unmade bed and a broken down chest of drawers with one or two drawers missing. There are three folding chairs at a broken down card table. SINGH wears a red turban and a dusty pinstripe business suit. He is in his mid-forties with a thick grey beard and sits in one of the folding chair. RAVI lanky and baby faced wearing a European tailored suit stands near the door a few feet away and lights a cigarette.

    Singh:... more »

  • All Blondes Are Evil - For Km

    The wind scolds madmen frankly,
    Time is father to the man
    And the mother of his children is hiding in the brush—
    I have seen your daughters... more »

  • Amish Girls

    Amish girls in ripped hose with their ass in the wind,
    Coming down the hill in springtime, juicy as ripe peaches,
    Every inch of sweaty pink cool,
    Asian wife and mother in pantyhose in the supermarket,... more »

  • Back To The Crimea

    Tolstoy, Beethoven, Joyce and Dylan are geniuses no one can argue with—
    While I feel like my life is one big missed opportunity—
    Where is the ugly girl of my dreams and my beautiful Jewish wife,
    Somewhere else but not here, in a parallel universe,... more »

  • Barefoot On Her Knees

    The word came and went, just like Modern art, a Jew invented it, we all know—
    Dylan continued it, picked up like Christ in the street, drunk again as usual stumbling along performing miracles—
    We all love Nijinsky, we all love fagots, the fat rich ones who pay well for blowjobs—
    No good fagot takes it in the ass anymore—... more »

  • Biblical Logic

    Biblical logic has it that form emerged out of chaos
    Before creation began and how could it be otherwise—
    A creator who saw his own reflection in the deep
    Mistook that reflection for another creator and started a war... more »

  • Bobbie Starr's Ghost

    Her name written in zodiacal equations,
    Predicted by prophets of the desert's Sunday morning—
    Charging up from Lucy's gangbang in the basement,
    Her own house among the stars, false Christians wailing,... more »

  • Brunette Sister

    TS Eliot wasn’t square but he had no reason to be hip—
    Viv and Zelda both were flappers headed straight to the nuthouse
    Because they snored like bears—
    Like Virginia and Bettie and Sylvia and Sybil... more »

  • But Not Tonight

    I would love to run my wet tongue
    Along the crack of your dirty ass
    Like I’ve never done before
    But we can both count the times... more »

  • Circles & Squares Ii

    I smear glue on her flesh and frame it,
    Nailing it to the wall like Christ’s red lights—
    Her daughter’s ass as pure as a high-heeled silhouette—
    Thank you god for your ugly yuppie gifts,... more »

  • Dirty Puzzle

    In her psychedelic boots with a harelip and a spent credit card she’s got no neck and stinks of her father’s cologne—
    Foul smelling feet feeling like Frank and Levy
    Are lifting her legs to take her on a space walk,
    Frog-marching her around like Temple Drake,... more »

  • Emma


    그녀가 내 문에 밀어 때 엠마, 다섯 살의 전부 였어
    날 바닥에 눕히고 장착 저 -... more »

  • From Gibson Girls To Flappers

    From Gibson girls to flappers spare me the tribal tattoos,
    While the rest of the world goes backwards in time,
    Timeless beauty has run out of time—
    Alternative beauty is just another word for ugly,... more »

  • Gamy Slut

    I wish I had a girlfriend who was a gamy slut; any one will do,
    So why not an Irish Celt from a far removed time,
    Why not one of the descendents of the misty-island ones—
    Her grandmother will do, but no, I want and wish and will have her in the future... more »

  • Giotto

    She has the poise of a Renaissance beauty
    Without the haggard hunch of a medieval slag—
    Surviving the Dark Ages into the Elizabethan
    Where hangover whores who used to be witches... more »

  • Going Down To Sodom

    I’m going down to Sodom, yes, that’s where I’m going to go—
    I’m going to go see Jesus because I hear he puts on a real good show,
    The blonde mothers are out in force,
    I see them and their daughters reflected in the mirrored ball—... more »

  • Gone Mad To Heather

    Is this the will of the wise witch fate?
    Decreed by silent monsters
    Who shall be nameless in the depths?
    Or the eyes of scarlet roses playing... more »

  • Hell Is Divided

    Hell is divided between those who love it and those who don't—
    My imagination strains at the thought of Russian gangster whores
    Fucking Russian gangsters when chaos theory was invented,
    Scientific whores shaped like Ids, her Japanese mother's mirror madness... more »

  • I Am Nature

    There are no taboos—
    Only nasty bitches that horrify me, the world filled end to end with them—

    Only Japanese girls swimming in the ocean like mermaids—... more »

  • I Awoke From A Dream

    One day I awoke from a dream
    Wherein the world was asleep,
    No one was beside me,
    I wasn’t in bed, but on the subway... more »

  • I Don'T Listen To Rock And Roll Any More

    I don’t listen to rock and roll any more,
    Because it’s boring—
    Geniuses no longer make good music,
    They write, or whatever—... more »

  • I Wish I Had A Wishing Well

    The Jews really want to kill the Arabs
    And I think they might
    Like aliens from another world
    Coming as thieves in the night;... more »

  • It Was Long Before I Went To Hell

    It was long before I went to Hell, ever,
    I saw a Japanese Goddess' face—
    Like mother's milk from a stone—
    I don't know I withstood the pain, ever,... more »

  • Kate Ii

    Kate had big, pillowy tits
    Like the Queen of England
    Of course I wanted to sleep with her;
    Who wouldn’t want to... more »