• Abscence Of Light

    We shouldn't necessarily be afraid of the Dark....
    More the Abscence of Light

    You see in darkness there can still be hope...faith... more »

  • Don'T Need That Kind Of Man

    hey baby i dont need man that treat me the way you do
    you act like you bout to hit me
    Now i dnt play that do you... more »

  • Every Birthday

    Happy Birthday Right? Wrong!
    Birthdays are suppose to be happy
    Full of laughter maybe Mystery
    But not mine not ever... more »

  • God's Gifts (Moms)

    God hs given us girls so many things
    gifts and curses you know what i mean
    But one of the things I am thankful for the most
    my mother the best thing I could ever hope... more »

  • He's Just Not That Into You

    he's just not that into to me
    that would be ok
    if i wasnt so into him that the memories of his kisses
    are in my mind like instant replay... more »

  • I Am No Longer Afraid

    yea im different
    im the silent one in the group
    but also the weird one
    im the loud one in the group... more »

  • I Am No Longer Silent

    I am the Voice
    I am the voice for those who stay quiet,
    Who never look up and hide their face
    I am the voice for those who have so much to say... more »

  • Imagine And Belive

    Imagine being free
    Imagine being strong
    Imagine beliving in what you are
    Imagine being beautiful... more »

  • In Silence

    I just want him to hold me
    In Silence
    And for it to be okay, for it to be comfortable
    To rub his hands up and down my arms... more »

  • Lost And Found

    Like the lost boy’s of peter pan, like the lost children of our generation. Like the lost slaves of our ancestors, like leaders of our world. Lost

    The lost boys always had their home their refuge their one place that was not lost like they were but found. Some people could say it was their unity that was their home. Some people might say it was their home in the tree. A place they could count on to be there. I say they found their way through Peter Pan... more »

  • My Friend The Little Drummer Boy

    Boom Boom Pat Pat Boom Boom Pow
    the norm of the drums of everyday
    but my friend the little drummer boy
    goes by his own beat... more »

  • My World

    Some people say i live in my own world

    and their right....so what?... more »

  • O.C.

    They thought it was cool to burn crosses in your front lawn as they hung you from trees in your back yard

    They thought it was cool to leave you thirsty and stranded..... KATRINA... more »

  • Psst. Make The Right Choice

    Psst. make the right choice
    Dont let others be your voice
    Psst. make the right choice
    Scream loud and clear... more »

  • Remember After You Grow Up

    i work at a camp...or what i call battle

    i suit up every morning with my sneakers ready for chasin, my bandades ready to heal... more »

  • Silent World

    How do I imagine living in a silent world?
    To never hear music or laughter or even crying
    To never hear my mom call me her sweetie-be or to hear her say I love you
    To never hear someone say happy birthday or even just a pain old hey... more »

  • That Feeling

    i love that feeling
    that new crush feeling
    the butterflies the exciment
    that hold your breath feeling when he comes around... more »

  • The Funny Thing About The Meaning Of Life

    What is the meaning of life?
    Is it to be successful, happy, complete the American Dream?
    I think we will never know what it is
    But people continue to look for it... more »

  • The Sky Cries For The Lives Lost

    The sky cries for the lives lost

    When it rains the skies opens up and let’s go all of its sadness.
    It cries for the lives lost.... more »

  • True Friends And Fake Friends

    (TF) =True friend
    (FF) =fake friend
    (U) = You... more »

  • Who I Am (Original Fame)

    My name dosent matter
    becuase most of the time people dont remeber it anyway
    and all the other times i change it
    so lets pass on the name thing ok... more »

  • Why She Dances

    she steps into the dark, empty, and quiet room
    on her first day it was a place of doom
    she turns on the lights the room is so bright
    it turns into her haven, her safe place....her home... more »