• A Little Fun Keeps You Young

    A little fun keeps you young;
    A little laughter keeps you bright.
    When you get to that age
    When a mid life crisis looms... more »

  • A Little Man

    There is a little man inside the computer
    That sits around all day.
    He has nothing better to do
    Than to give us trouble all day... more »

  • A New Day

    A New Day

    Dawning of a new day…
    Melting midnight fears away... more »

  • A Picture On The Wall

    A picture on the wall
    A captured moment of yesterday
    A stolen moment of a person's life
    Click and a life is stilled... more »

  • A Word Or Two

    When I'm old and wrinkly
    in the future someday
    will someone write me a poem
    Saying how wonderful I look today... more »

  • Across The Paper

    Across the paper, the pen trips
    Squiggles and curves shaping words
    Characters of good and bad
    Expressions of happiness and sad... more »

  • Beyond The Sunset And Sea

    Eternity stretches forever
    from the end of the world
    We stand on the edge
    looking out towards heaven... more »

  • Calls Us To His Kingdom

    Over time, we linger
    waiting for the Lord to call.
    Call us to his kingdom.
    Where we will share... more »

  • Darling Don'T Leave Me

    The Autumn Leaves drift past my window
    The summer has died away
    The frost will soon be back
    Winter is now coming soon... more »

  • Dream World

    Beneath the columns of love’s temple
    That floats within the night sky.
    Lovers everywhere gather there
    Under the moon’s watchful eye.... more »

  • Echoing Love Lost

    Crumpled pages read and read
    the authors words in someone’s head.
    Knowledge of bygone days.
    Hidden under dust on the shelf.... more »

  • Forever More

    The night is cold
    and the wind blows from the west
    Therefore, I'm sending my love my best
    My heart is being true tonight... more »

  • God Heard Him Sing

    God heard him sing
    And got carried away
    So He took him from us
    To sing in heaven all day... more »

  • Harbored


    As I look from my window... more »

  • In My Dream

    The moonlight crept through
    my window last night
    and danced across the mirror,
    making star bursts on the floor... more »

  • Lay Scattered On The Ground

    The sun was shining in the clear blue sky
    The moon was high in the darkened night sky
    The snow fell gently to the earth
    As the wind whipped up the leaves... more »

  • Leaving A Party

    Leaving a party always makes me sad
    Leaving behind all the fun I had
    Saying goodnight to all my friends
    and the walking home all alone again... more »

  • Lovers Kiss

    In every corner of the world,
    there is the sound of violins
    playing loves sweet rhapsody.
    Stars blessed with a twinkle... more »

  • Sitting At The Lord's Side

    Haunting shadows engulf my mind,
    cloud the visions in my mind
    Of what life used to be
    before that fateful day... more »

  • Speak To Me, My Love

    The times I've called on the telephone
    Only to be told that, you're not at home.
    I wonder why I bother at all
    when you are never there... more »

  • That Moonlight Night

    The violins held sweet melodies
    as they played romantic tunes.
    Rose petals rained down from the sky
    on the couple on the floor.... more »

  • The Warmth Of You

    Time seems to stand still
    When I'm here beside you
    You bring warmth to me
    Whenever you're at my side... more »

  • Treasures

    The world holds many treasures,
    Some we can hold within our hands,
    Others remain just outside our grasp.
    Some are there to fill our dreams,... more »

  • Two Lovers

    The moonlight rides the waves
    of an incoming tide
    We stand alone on the beach
    locked within one another's embrace... more »

  • When The Darkness Calls

    You stand like a rock
    or a tall oak tree
    just behind me
    To catch me if I fall... more »